Saturday, April 28, 2007

How to play your own music on Guitar Hero

So while the release of Guitar Hero 2 isn't news anymore, the ability to do custom songs definately is. The people at the Scorehero forums have figured out how to go around the system and code their own note charts and import mp3s to play along to. Think you wanna try? Look at this:

Step 4. Get an .mp3 of the song in question. If one is freely available, it may have been provided by the song creator, if not you will need to rip it from the CD or buy it from Itunes.

Step 5. Insert your GH2 disc into your DVD drive, copy the contents of the disc to a folder on your hard drive.

Step 6. Open Guitar Hero Explorer (Ghex), Go to file —> add archive and locate your MAIN_0.ARK file which is in the "GEN" folder you copied from the GH2 disc

If that looks exciting to you, go ahead. The prospect of playing Metalica and Bullet For My Valentine makes just about any metalhead wish they knew how to attack the technical knowhow required to get through the 8 programs and 12 steps to do your custom importing of data. Soooo, is it legal? Doesn't look like it, you need a "modified" PS2 to play these "backups". Video after the jump.


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