Thursday, February 18, 2010

8 translations of "manspeak"

8 translations of "manspeak"
1. "Hey, that's a nice dress you're wearing" : "That dress looks flimsy enough for me to tear it off and rub myself against your naked slut body".
2. "I don't like clams" : "Our relationship is over bitch".
3. "I was talking to X at work today..." (where X=female associate) : "X is a really horny slut and I want to have her more and more every time I stare at her breasts".
4. "Uh huh": "I'm not listening to you because you bore the hell out of me".
5. "I drove here today" : "i have a big lump on my back that I want you to taste".
6. "DO you have to look at John that way?" : "I want to film you doing foul and deviant things with John and show the tapes to all my friends".
7. Anything at all : something about sex probably. That’s what men are like isn't it? They just think with their fat cocks all the time.
8. "I think our relationship is over" : "Look I can do a handstand!".


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