Friday, May 07, 2004

Dorky Monster Gallery

I love rubber-suit monster shows and movies. Godzilla, Ultraman, Spectreman, Giant Robot and Space Giants fill me with happy childhood memories. Here is some goober-head's collection of rubber-suit monsters that is filled with images that could be used for: confusing your enemies, provoking laughter at utter non-scariness, desktop wallpaper, caption contests and other tomfoolery. Some day, you will remember this site in your moment of need and say, "Dammit! Why didn't I bookmark that page!??!"

Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Happy Tree Friends

Like itchy and scratchy, but cuter and unrestrained by FCC regulations. Yay!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

"Yo Mama's so..." Collection

Aw man, I LOVE these things. navigate the collections with the blue buttons on the upper left

Origin of Phrases, Sayings, Terms, and Cliches

Origin of Phrases, Sayings, Terms, and Cliches about says it all. Very informative. Check it out.

The name says it all. If you don't know about Dolomite, you need to find out! And here's where you can do it.


The official website of the comic. You know you love it. Buy their shirt.

Ozzmodiar on Saturday!

dont forget Ozzmodiar is playing at the Enchanted Forest on sat night ( 05-08-2004). This will be our last show until August. so try to make it out. Please tell all your friends.

May 8th
Enchanted Forest
Oltorf and s lamar(park at office depo)

9:00 doors open
10:00 Ozzmodiar
11:00 Puppet show(for real)
12:00 Death Defires(fire show featuring Laura Scarborough and SAGE)
DJs all night

Its gonna be a blast.


Missile Bases for Sale

Man, if I was rich, I would HELLA buy one of these. Check it out, Missile Bases for sale to the public.

Kevin's Oddly Different Story Time

James and the Giant Roll of Barbed Wire
Curious George and the high tension power line
Horton hires a Whore
Henry's Red Balloon

How to make any woman your platonic friend

This is one is so bitter and kinda funny/sad that I had to post it.

The Lunar Embassy

I probably shouldn't post this nonsense. But here I am....posting it.
The gist is, "Buy a plot on the moon" and join other simpletons and goobers who have done the same. Yay.

Xiao Xiao No. 3

the coolest stick figure martial arts animation EVER is still No. 1 with me!


This is what someone who doesn't suck at all can do with FLASH™ Check this excellent animation out:

If you haven't seen this by now you're a sick, sad person.

But you can fix all that by clicking on this link RIGHT NOW! You will love this or you will move to communist China and eat a bowl of rice a day with a gun at your back working hard in the sun. Now GO!


this is actually nicely done. Check it out:

Seeing Jesus H. Christ

the comedy in in the audio. The animation bites hard. But it is pretty funny!

A reason to buy a copy of FLASH™

this is a scary video flash animation with a song that will stick in your head at the wierdest times. it's titled "DooDoo CaCa" which is completely appropriate. I hope that seeing it prompts you to get FLASH™ and make your own MUCH BETTER little animation. But do see this for the fun that it has:


Okay now this flash ain't for ev'rybody! JUST THE NASTY PEOPLE! You aint gonna BELIEVE this funky shizzle, Bizzle! It's the lost episode of the Smurfs, featuring Strongbad, Mr. T and Bill Cosby! Prepare for unbelievability. Turn your sound up for this action kids! It's sure to offend your parents.

United States of Whatever Video

I liked it. You may not. I don't care.

Pikachu Befouled

"An' it make a nigga wanna Keeeeeeel!"
Okay, there's funny. And then there's what this is. Which is to say, SO FUNNY I HAD TO BASH MY SKULL THROUGH THE MONITOR SCREEN! I mean it kids. This is unbelievable stuff here.

Mighty Morphin Power Swami

PLease punch me in the face until I stop screaming with joy and laughter over this insanity! You will get so pumped-up you will kick your mom right in the face when you see this.


Oh man this is FUCKED UP!! It's like a Japanese nudist , village-people, boy-scout, teeny-bopper, parallel universe freak-fest! I REALLY RECOMMEND seeing this and showing it to everyone in the office

The Trojan Games

Well my friends, this aint got NOTHIN' to do with the upcoming Pitt/Bloom film I can tell you. But it is pretty funny nonetheless. Bare buttocked nudity in everyone and depictions of adult themes but not actually pornagraphic in intent or nature. Check out the funny commercials that are: THE TROJAN GAMES

Precision Vault:

Pelvic Powerlift:

and Judo:

Badger, Mushroom, Snake

This is flash animation glory. It goes on forever and amuses babies and small pets for 20minutes at a time. It was used against the Branch Davidians by the BATF at 120 decibels for 96 hours straight before they decided to just burn them out with a flamethrowing tank.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Can you defeat the 1000 styles of Rumsfeld?

Caption glory awaits as Kung-Fu Rumsfeld prepares for battle

Patterm for making japanese armor

This site has a patterm for making japanese armor and a whole instruction set for doing it. In Engrish but it is comprehensible from the pattern amd by looking at the peices and all, they do theirs by making it out of cardboard and laquering and enameling it I think. But it would lend itself to plastic or sheet metal or other materials as well possibly. Check it out

Police look at student's bid to auction virginity on website

Police are said to be examining whether a student who has auctioned her virginity on the internet is breaking the law. Rosie Reid, an 18-year-old Bristol University student, said she wants the cash to avoid graduating with too many debts.

Barry and Levon

If you were a fan of the comedy show, 'the state' then you'll prbably remember Barry and Levon. Enjoy this little blast from the past then.

Dishonest Dubya Doll Commercial

Political Alert! This animation is against the president. If this offends you. Don't look here. If you want to see some pretty funny shit, look here:


This is true. Oh-so-true. And it has furries. ( but no plushies )


Flash animation wrestler email comedy. Actually it's much funnier than my descritpion makes it sound. Go check it out. I promise laffs even if you're an anglican minister from Dorcester.

Jesus Action Figure Commercial