Saturday, November 21, 2009

8 facts about dancing

8 facts about dancing
1. Move back. Move forward. This is the essence of dance.
2. Shaking can be dangerous to surrounding pots. Wrap them careful with butter smeared paper.
3. Lasciviousness is often encouraged by agreeing to dance with a member of the opposite sex. Remember to wear good strong pants and glue them around the edges. Use strong adhesive. Don't worry about your skin.
4. Monkeys dance better with electrodes on their heads.
5. Body extremities can be jarred and knocked out of kilter. Sit down.
6. People who dance are hateful towards those that don't, but they are always "hipper". So try and follow their lead and fit in!
7. Can't get a partner to dance with? You smell. Wash.
8. Blood flows into your legs while dancing so try cutting them off and shaking them. And it looks cool too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

8 facts about the French

8 facts about the French
1. They all live in nice houses on rivers.
2. You'll never see them eating anything made out of blood.
3. Chain them to a railing and they scream.
4. Ruffle a French persons hair and they go all droopy and weird. Why?
5. It's as though if you take them away from washing they want to even more.
6. Mine a huge resource of guile in some parts of the world by talking to French people. Big noses see everything!
7. Cats are eaten in France.
8. The French refer to themselves as "Mr Pantaloon".