Friday, October 30, 2009

8 facts about war

8 facts about war
1. When lots of people are fighting most grownups call it "war".
2. Fighting is bad. You must not fight.
3. If you are a girl and someone you like is a boy you are bad. You must go to war with them.
4. You owe it to your forefathers (and mothers!) to fight in bad big war.
5. Tanks are big and made out of fabric. It's like a big pair of trousers that shoots people.
6. Thrust your nonsense into this vice! Lets tickle it with force!
7. Deserts are a good place for war! Lots of sand, so if you fall hurts!
8. Some people die.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

8 facts about telephones

8 facts about telephones
1. Listen...there is the sound. It's cows, isn't it?
2. You can't hear people even if you listen closely. It's all just a wall of horrible static made by everyone in the world rubbing against each other.
3. You can use telephones for many things. Like frightening stupid animals!
4. Shaped like the end of the world, placed in a barrel.
5. Toasted phones are probably eaten by some foreigners
6. I don't eat phones. I have them near me. As temptation. But I don't touch them.
7. The numbers on phones are all fake. they don't mean what you think.
8. Portable phone = death by greasing with hogfat.