Saturday, May 22, 2004


This fake commercial is offensive on many levels and that's what makes it goooood! Prepare yourself for misogyny, gay ridiculing, and male stereotype mocking. It's allllll good. Enjoy the fun of:


Damn! This kid can DANCE!!

This little Korean dude has the DOPE MOVES, Nigga! Check out the crazy dancin' frenzy that is:



Oh crap! This is from some movie that I can't remember the name of. If you thought the farting-laughing kitten post from the other day was funny at all, this will make you pee. And it's so 'true life experiencey'. Enjoy the raucous bedroom tooting that is:


Nigga Please

Ah, this old standard does my heart good. This lil' video is a couple of years old but if you havent seen it, it's like a short "Tokyo Breakfast" with Chris Rock. It makes me chortle. Perhaps you too will get a wee bit of a giggle.

Nigga Please!

The need for language training

this is a pretty funny advertisement. It's YEARS old but kinda obscure. It's for a Dutch company that teaches English. You'll get a laff outta it or my name ain't Nathan Arizona!

I wanna f*ck you in the ass.

Yeah I posted this!

And if you dont like it you can tell ZOLI! Why would a monkey intentionally drink his OWN URINE!!???!!! I just don't understand it. Kids, don't fuck it, DO try this at home. .....( I hate kids. )

Monkey Pee, Monkey Do.


Here I was, ready to die. Thinking that I had done all I had to do with my life. And this FUCKER had to go and ruin it ALL! Now I have to adopt a totally new career before I can rest in peace. I'm gonna hafta KILL this bastard! Shut up and watch this GENIUS at work and KNOW that your life has been a waste of time!



Whistle Tips. I fear there may be some of you who DON'T allready know about this. Learn it all right here. With supplementary info to boot, nigga! It's like spinnin' rims and hydrolic suspension. You GOTS to know! Check it...


I'M Gonna F*ck Your Mom

Oh my frickin' GOD this was funny. It's nine minutes long. It plays beautifully in quicktime and will make you pee on the face of an ex-girlfriend even if you're NOT R. Kelly. When you get to this URL click on "click here to start this download and it will open up in your media player. You'll thank the SHIT out of me later!

I'm gonna fuck your mom.

Friday, May 21, 2004


This old file is a guy calling Walmart or some auto shop or something and asking for 'buttplug".. The Comedy is in how long he keeps it going. It's so funny I almost had to buy a buttplug.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

A ball-peen brain surgery

This is one of Scott's favorite flash animations. And frankly, I can see why. This will make you crave more Mime beatings daily


Retarded Baby Animals

Almost not good enough for me to post. But shocking enough that I couldn't NOT post it. Enjoy the stupidity of:

Retarded Baby Animals

Like a train wreck

make sure your speakers are turned up and check this stupid shit out! ( Safe for work, no nudity of improper language )


Don't play this at work

This is a cute animation about the word "FUCK". You'll want to send it to your Mom.

Mushroom Badger Snake, Bitches!

It's Replay Day here at the Robot Monkey Holocaust


Food Labels that made me giggle like a japanese schoolgirl

And we all know what THAT means! ;-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Go robot, It's my birthday!

And here's my official birthday song. Go take a listen:'s_Birthday_Song.mp3

P.S. - I'm 34


Chirpy is the story of a little yellow bird having sex with a horse. Yep. you heard me right. It is both awful and funny as hell. And it's almost disguised as art, being that it's painted animation and all. Check it out, my friends.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Albino black sheep dot com is a site CHOCK FULL O' FUN. It's got a lot of videos and animations that will delight and amuse you. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a view.

Sunday, May 16, 2004


There's new material on the Mashimaro site. Go check it out. For those of you who aren't allready aware of the mashimaro phenomenon, then this will be a strange treat for you. Enjoy!

Red versus Blue

Actually, this is a pretty good idea and pretty funny shit. These guys took the engine of Halo™ and made an animated 'digital cartoon' if you will, using it that has clever dialog and is generally a pretty good watch. check it out.