Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fun Stuff To Do In The Elevator

Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering. "Shut up, dammit, all of you just shut up!"

Crack open your briefcase or purse, peer inside and ask: "Got enough air in there?"

Greet everyone getting on the elevator with a warm handshake and ask them to call you Admiral.

Do Tai Chi exercises.

Stare and grin at another passenger for a while.

Finally announce, "I've got new socks on!"

When at least 8 people have boarded, moan from the back, "Oh, not now, damn motion sickness!"

Meow occasionally.

Bet the other passengers you can fit a quarter in your nose.

Frown and mutter, "Gotta go, gotta go." Eventually sigh and say "Oops!"

Show other passengers a wound and ask if it looks infected.

Enter the elevator with a cooler that says "human head" on the side.

Stare at another passenger for a while, then announce, "You're one of them!" and move to the far corner of the elevator.

Wear a puppet on your hand and talk to other passengers "through" it.

Proudly say "Ding!" at each floor.

Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers that this is your "personal space".

Stand in the corner staring at the back wall and not say anything....ever.

Shake violently for a second...pause...and repeat until everyone gets freaked out enough to get off.