Saturday, March 26, 2005


The next movie by Steven Chow. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you should go see it now. If you liked Shaolin Soccer or God of Cookery, this film promises more of the same. See for youself



I am TOTALLY hyped to see this film.


Just Who Are You Fucking Clowns?

The Porn Clown Posse is a group of performers, fun lovers, meeting facilitators and pranksters who all share a common love of combining eroticism with clowning.

The Porn Clown Posse pokes culture in the eye with a rubber chicken. Beware: Clown crossing.
Innocence will be embraced and perverted, felt-up, rubbed-down, shaved, spanked, tweaked, violated with grease paint and left to drip-dry. Witnesses and victims agree, Porn Clowns at once repel and attract, which creates a dizzy sensation and leaves a "funny" taste in the mouth.

The Porn Clown Posse has fucked balloon phalluses on stage. They've peddled Klown Krap as diaper-clad Scat Baby Porn Clowns. They bought a Santa as their slave and gangbanged her as performance.



The Stewie soundboard

it's chock full o stewie


The Bub Rubb Soundboard

The Bub Rubb Soundboard




A badass graffitti stencil idea




This Makes Me Laugh

no words, just a three panel comic strip...OF CRUEL JOY!!!!

Click It or Ticket


a kick ass little video. Senseless flash animation with great music


Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

This site is dedicated to spreading the word about the Aluminum* Foil Deflector Beanie and how it can help the average human. Here you will find a description of AFDBs, how to make and use them, and general information about related subjects. I hope that you find the AFDB Homepage to be an important source of AFDB know-how and advocacy.


Mike the Headless Chicken

The Amazing, true story of this famous fowl dates back to September 10, 1945 when Mike, a young Wyandotte rooster, was about to become the dinner of Fruita, Colorado, farmer Lloyd Olsen.

With a sharp ax in hand, Mr. Olsen firmly held Mike, preparing to make the bird ready for his wife Clara's cooking pot. Mr. Olsen swung the implement, thereby lopping off poor Mike's head. Mike shook off the event, then continued trying to peck for food.

But wait! There's more!



you will want to have your sound on for this. Keep on keep listeneing even more


Just leave it running, preferrably at full volume, when you leave your cubicle for lunch

Peter Milton - good art

What I like about his work is how it almost seems like scenes from a wired, gray twilight of the afterlife, Where ghosts out of another time walk through what at first glance seems to be mundane still life-landscapes, but on further viewing turn out to be extradimensional tableaus. - Eric

Do Click Here

Richard Simmons comedy joy

It hurt my friend Mike! It will harm you too! ENJOY!!!



Just read the material. Look at the pictures, feel the joy.


The Venture Brothers

The Venture Brothers rocks a thousand times harder than your mother EVER could! Check out this site and don't forget to tune in ot he show on CARTOON NETWORK.

CLICK HERE for cartoon greatness.

Scrotal Safety Commission


Before we talk about your scrotum, let's talk about the fragile parcel they carry.
Your testicles are an invaluable source of pleasure to you, your loved ones, and your whole family!
But what do you know about your firm, pendulous bringers of life?

Scrotal Safety Commission

MANBOOBS and Male Lactation

The very very bizarre world of male lactation...Random quote:

"He began telling himself that he would lactate, and within a week, one of his breasts swelled up and milk began dripping out."

Whilst we're on the subject, why don't we go and visit the very hilarious world of Manboobs?

Camel Toe Cup

It's an ad that says a thousand words. ABOUT WRONG!!! Enjoy the joyous comedy that IS


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Can you defeat the 1000 styles of Rumsfeld

You may have defeated my Southern Hook Palm technique, but can you defeat the 1000 styles of Rumsfeld?


It takes a while to load but it's freakin awesome

700 Club HiJinx!

This is some funny shit right here!

CLick Here


No words are necessary...just see the pictures


Recreating the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving never seemed like much of an important holiday, at least on the level what it was going to do for me. Yes, I realize that our nation is celebrating one of its most important moments, but come on -- no toys? No free candy? No fireworks? If they want us to buy into the occasion in a big way, especially when it's packed between two of the really fun holidays, they're going to have to give us more than an excuse to eat the biggest turkey we can find. Tryptophan and cranberry shirt stains are nice, but Santa Claus or a Dracula costume they ain't. Actual historic significance aside, I've always viewed Thanksgiving more like a small concession given to those depressed over the passing of Halloween; a little something to tide us over before the even more glorious Christmas season.



the WORST fantasy story ever written. Scott first introduced me to this. BE AFRAID!!!

reel under the mental assault that IS



This site is THE premier online magazine for Badasschicks™, bad ass chick lovers, and those of you who aspire to be one of the above. We reserve the right to refuse service to any whiney, pain in the ass bitches that don't know what being a bad ass chick is all about.

Remember, this site is intended for readers over 18 years of age. If you are under 18, or offended by other women's bodies or strong language then leave. Otherwise...


This page is dedicated to the idea that all those who eat only white bread will some day take over the world and exterminate all those inferior peoples who partake of rye, wheat, and other whole-grain breads. As God has told us explicitly, white bread is all we must have to live, and those who do not recognize this are being led astray by the evil factions of Lucifer.

A team of scientists working in tandem with governments all over the world have found specific data relating the consumption of grainy breads to the corruption of the otherwise pure bodily fluids of normal white bread eaters. When fossil fuels have run out, and an energy crisis ensues once again, everyone will realize the inherent energy and potential in white bread. It can be burned, toasted, pressure cooked, or simply fried, to let out the amazing amounts of energy within.

If you or someone you know still has the temptation to eat unpure bread, please send an e-mail address or real address so that we here at White Bread Power can do our best to relieve you of your suffering.

Click Here

Captain Electro and his evil guide to take over the world

Captain Electro is a former evil genius and was the number-one heavyweight evil-doer of the world from 1971-1978.

Now retired, Captain Electro is devoting his energies to teaching and writing about evil.

His evil experience is unequalled to any other on this planet, which he loves so dearly. His methods have proven successful over and over again, and his evil advice is as sound as his mind.

With his help, and this guide to evil, maybe one day you may be able to take over the world!


Pictures for you to poop on

I just had these images sittin' around after I stole 'em off the Lileks site. As I was sitting here looking at them again, I said to myself, I said:"Why don't I share the love with those who are close to me?" all snuggly-bunny-like and stuff like that there. And So, here they are. With my commentary. Without further ado, here's the images...

"Wow! Is it legal to be this gay in the fifties? I doubt it...BUT I AM!!!!!"
He's headin' off to sweaty men town to do some things all those erect oil derricks have been making him think of. This picture should be used in an invitatation to a new bar called The Tool Box or The Man-Hole.

While the husbands teeth clench in primal panic, the wife's stream of obscenity is forming a superheated barrier that is not only vaporizing the glass of the windshield but also causing hubby's penis to draw back up into his abdomen in sheer distaste and horror that he married such a foul mouthed strumpet. This is a lesson citizens! DO NOT MARRY THE GIRL AT THE STRIP CLUB! No matter how wide she can open her mouth in a barroom contest for fifty dollars cash money.

"Listen bitch! If you laff at my spacesuit even ONE more time, me and my Heaven's Gate brethren will shove that pen straight up your honky white ass so far you'll be cryin' ink..." "Go fuck yourself kid, your ineffectual helmet is beyond laffable, and if you even think about gettin' froggy, my man back in the corner will cap your sorry little ass straight in your dome! Now...You want the crack or not?" "Damn you,bitch!!.......yes."

What kind of "gays in the military", Liberace-style hoohaa is going on HERE!?!?!? Let's see, The guy on the right is propping his limp ass up with a freakin' artillery shell! The goober on the left is holding his helmet as though he just poured out his brains out onto the concrete. And the saffron scarved gentleman in the middle.....well, that's just so gay I havent the words to describe the boy-fondling,glory-holing,hot oil handjobbing, public lavatory sex-cruising, "got a strong like for hairy men"ing stuff he's into. Surely he is the pink-triangle ringleader of this Homo-Hogan's Heros lineup here. Now all this might sound as if I'm anti-gay, which I am not! But I know gay when I see it, girlfriends. And this here is really, really gay.

8 Facts

This site si so funny I actually truly peed my pants alittle once while reading it



Monday, March 21, 2005




Atoms Offer Giant Leap In Computing Power

The strange science of quantum mechanics promises a revolution in computer power as radical as that following the invention of the transistor in the 1950s.

That invention sent computer performance on a rocket-like trajectory upward, its ascent governed by what became popularly known as Moore's Law, after Intel founder Gordon Moore who coined it. It states that computers tend to double their speed every 18 months.

Computers get faster as the transistors on microchips get smaller and closer together. In about 20 years, transistors will shrink down to the size of atoms. When that happens, the laws of physics will demand another revolution. This is when the laws of quantum mechanics, a branch of physics that describes the interaction of objects smaller than molecules, wreak havoc on the way chips are designed.


Langsam's Laws:

(1) Everything depends.
(2) Nothing is always.
(3) Everything is sometimes.

Have you ever considered killing children?

THis video will make you want to murder japanese schoolgirls to rock-music. See for yourself the awesomely despicable cuteness that is...


I Attack the Darkness


Click Here

Synapse chip taps into brain chemistry

A microchip that uses chemicals instead of pulses of electricity to stimulate neurons has been created. It could open the way to implants that interact with our nervous system in a far more subtle way than is possible now.



The Sound of Things to Come

No one ever notices what's going on at a Radio Shack. Outside a lonely branch of the electronics store, on a government-issue San Diego day in a strip mall where no one is noticing much of anything, a bluff man with thinning, ginger hair and preternaturally white teeth is standing on the pavement, slowly waving a square metal plate toward people strolling in the distance. "Watch that lady over there," he says, unable to conceal his boyish pride for the gadget in his giant hand. "This is really cool."

Woody Norris aims the silvery plate at his quarry. A burly brunette 200 feet away stops dead in her tracks and peers around, befuddled. She has walked straight into the noise of a Brazilian raid forest -- then out again. Even in her shopping reverie, here among the haircutters and storefront tax-preparers and dubious Middle Eastern bistros, her senses inform her that she has just stepped through a discrete column of sound, a sharply demarcated beam of unexpected sound. "Look at that," Norris mutters, chuckling as the lady turns around. "She doesn't know what hit her."

This is kick ass, CLICK HERE for the rest of the story, and pictures

Holographic memory

Holographic memory offers the possibility of storing 1 terabyte (TB) of data in a sugar-cube-sized crystal. A terabyte of data equals 1,000 gigabytes, 1 million megabytes or 1 trillion bytes. Data from more than 1,000 CDs could fit on a holographic memory system. Most computer hard drives only hold 10 to 40 GB of data, a small fraction of what a holographic memory system might hold.
Polaroid scientist Pieter J. van Heerden first proposed the idea of holographic (three-dimensional) storage in the early 1960s. A decade later, scientists at RCA Laboratories demonstrated the technology by recording 500 holograms in an iron-doped lithium-niobate crystal, and 550 holograms of high-resolution images in a light-sensitive polymer material.

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and also HERE

see also THIS

and finally THIS SITE

Line Cut - Lion Cut

I am ashamed that this gives me pleasure since it's so "G" rated. BUT LOOK AT THE EXPRESSION ON THE CAT'S FACE!!!

CLick here

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Greatest Scientology Website EVER MADE

OMG this site is soooo good it will make you slap yo mamma right in the mouf!

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