Saturday, October 02, 2004

Astrology is bullshit.

Alright, can we all just agree that people can't cast spells and astrology is bullshit? While we're at it, let's stop using the phrase "I'm not religious, I'm spiritual." Every time I hear anyone call themselves "spiritual," it's just after they mention astrology and just before I land a flying elbow to their ovaries (as anyone who believes in astrology is undoubtedly a woman who needs to be punched in the crotch). Most people who read horoscopes also buy into other new age crap like tarot cards and self-healing.

Self healing? Self healing was perfected by Rambo in Rambo: First Blood when he stitched his arm shut after he cracked a kid's back while jumping off a cliff (and the only reason his arm split open was because he's so tough he wanted to make the bad guys think they had a chance, but yeah right.. it was like Rambo sent them all Christmas cards, but instead of cards it was murder).

The other thing that pisses me off about horoscopes is that some people make financial decisions based off them. Re-read that sentence a few times until the implications set in. Yes, there are mouth-breathers out there who literally believe clumps of rocks and dirt floating around pockets of gas have anything to do with their stocks and lottery winnings.

But wait! There's More!!

The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile

It's no secret that the US educational system doesn't do a very good job. Like clockwork, studies show that America's schoolkids lag behind their peers in pretty much every industrialized nation. We hear shocking statistics about the percentage of high-school seniors who can't find the US on an unmarked map of the world or who don't know who Abraham Lincoln was.

Fingers are pointed at various aspects of the schooling system—overcrowded classrooms, lack of funding, teachers who can't pass competency exams in their fields, etc. But these are just secondary problems. Even if they were cleared up, schools would still suck. Why? Because they were designed to.



This is among the best commercials I have EVER seen or probably ever WILL see. ENJOY the sheer joy of feeling great right here!



-Are you tired of feeling guilty every time you see one of those Chick-Fil-A ads where the cow is trying to convince you to eat chicken instead?

-Are you tired of feeling weird every time you eat dinner with a vegetarian? Do you have to order a salad too?

-Do you fleetingly consider being a vegetarian?

We are here to help!


Life is filled with tough choices, and so is this web site.

This page takes those tough life choices to the extreme. We use some extreme language, extreme imagery and extreme situations.

Every couple of days there are more scenarios and questions added, so make sure to check in often to see what's new.

So now if you're ready, You Must Choose...

AMAZING shirt folding japanese girl

it's the most impressive shirt folding I have ever seen. I mean, you might be asking yourself, "what's so impressive about folding a shirt?" Well, you'll see.


Book Of Mormon Figures

Oh yeah baby, when christmas rolls around I'm so gonna buy these and set up a stupid quasi-nativity diorama in my living room right near my conspicuous ABSENCE of a christmas tree just to REALLY put off my relatives. These are great.

Mormon Action Figures

Friday, October 01, 2004

Womanspeak....vs.... English

Damn me for finding this insipid crap funny, BUT I DO!! I know it's vapid and cheesy to laff at shit like this. BUT I DO!!! So Suck it up and laugh with me!!!

Chauvanist hoo-haa


Some of you may not have seen this yet. It will amaze you. I just can't get over this dude's MAD SKILLZ, yo! It's crazy-wack-funky-fresh-fuggidy-FReakstyle! And damn good as well.

Check-Check it!

Nuclear Images

Here are pictures of the most nuclear and thermonuclear atmospheric(or surface) explosions conducted in the period between 1945-1963. On August 5, 1963 limited test ban treaty signed, so all the consequent tests were underground, although there were some exceptions, e.g. China conducted atmospheric tests later. Pictures are grouped by operation names, dimensions and file size shown, almost all of the pictures are color except the ones marked as "bw". There are mostly US tests pictures in my gallery right now, also I have some unidentified pictures of nuclear blasts, if you can identify them that would be great.

Nuclear Images

The Happy Pencil

THIS SITE ROCKS THE HIZOUSE!!! Be sure to go to the happy pencil DARK site. It's the funky fresh site design, yo!

Cams's Happy Pencil


Napalm.Net has bought 5,000 pounds of weapons grade Napalm and has individually packaged it in safe, attractive, displayable canisters. Each canister holds one liter of actual Napalm which you can ONLY purchase through Napalm.Net.

Napalm is a mixture of gasoline and a thickening agent for use in flame throwers or incendiary bombs. The thickener, to which the term "napalm" originally was applied, turns the mixture into a thick jelly that flows under pressure and sticks to a target as it burns. The napalm that Napalm.Net has purchased is a mixture of 46 parts polystyrene, 33 parts gasoline and 21 parts benzene.

Napalm was developed by Harvard University scientists and the U.S. Army during World War II. It was used extensively in that war and later wars.


The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004

The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004

Project censored dot org is a GREAT site! The Mission of Project Censored is to educate people about the role of independent journalism in a democratic society and to tell The News That Didn't Make the News and why.

Project Censored is a media research group out of Sonoma State University which tracks the news published in independent journals and newsletters. From these, Project Censored compiles an annual list of 25 news stories of social significance that have been overlooked, under-reported or self-censored by the country’s major national news media.

Project Censored


A showcase of outstanding commercials.



Despite the name this series of animated shorts rocks. It makes me want to make cartoons of my own. I believe you will enjoy them too.


Evil Clown Generator

A very spastic and bizarre evil clown generator, can be done carefully or with gimpy mouse freaking. Either way it usually rules! Check it out

Evil Clown Generator

Lord Whimsy dot com

"Ah, Whimsy – un homme d’esprit!" - G. Depardieu

Lord Whimsy, also known as Breaulove Swells, is a noted dandy, raconteur, cape enthusiast, rogue, poison dwarf, contributing writer and associate editor for the PHILADELPHIA INDEPENDENT, founder of the Hermetic Order of the Bagatelle, renowned lepidopterist, editor of the AFFECTED PROVINCIAL’S QUARTERLY, exemplar of male splendor, connoisseur of borrowed wit, doyen of culture, impresario, professor emeritus of the inconsequential and subculture critic. Whimsy is a walking contradiction; a degenerate voluptuary that wishes to reintroduce ancient charms to the den of ubiquity that is modernity. He rails against the leveling effects of the blind egalitarianism that mows down all flowers that dare peek above the crabgrass. He is a perfumer of curls that wishes to reawaken the poetry of the human soul. He does not seek to destroy modernity – he just wishes to make it hospitable. He is, in short, an ambassador of Heaven.

LORD WHIMSY - This site rules. this guy's a psuedo-homo hoot!

Within the site, also see: How to Become a Bon Vivant

Graffitti Creator

This is a kick ass little program! It owrks for PCs and Macs. It allows you to create Real, Ghetto-Fabulous graffitti that you can print out and stuff. It rocks the hizouse

Graffitti Creator

Heartless Bitches International

The Heartless Manifesto

Do really sappy, insipid, "always and forever" love poems make you want to puke? (and that goes for Bon Jovi lyrics too!)

Do you find typical "Women's Magazines" to be either stomach turning or pathetically laughable?

Are you tired of the walking wounded moping around expecting that the world owes them something because they are victims?

Do you find the likes of Michael Bolton and Kenny G. revolting?

Does the sight of an incredibly handsome man turn you off, cause so many of them have room-temperature IQ's, and obnoxious or non-existent personalities?

Are you sick of lazy women who use emotional and sexual manipulation to get what they want instead of using their own brains and muscles?

Are you fed up with women who feel they HAVE to be in a "Relationship" in order to be whole, and will sacrifice their self-esteem and personal growth in order to avoid being on their own?

Are you tired of men and women who are emotional children, and won't accept responsibility for their actions or behavior?

Do you want to SMACK women who play "helpless" just to gain male attention and stroke male egos?

Have you run out of sympathy for your Female friends who continually whine about how awful MEN ARE, but then they keep dating the same kind of ASSHOLES, over and OVER, AND OVER AGAIN!?

Are you fed up with your Male friends who are looking to date a woman with the appearance of a supermodel, and yet they continually whine about how "women don't like nice guys - they only want good-looking assholes"???

Do the words "If you REALLY loved me...." turn your heart to ice??!!!

Do you retch in response to "The Rules", and laugh uproariously at "The Code"?

Have you HAD IT with people telling you that you are TOO LOUD, TOO ASSERTIVE, or TOO OPINIONATED?

Do you wish you had a button that said: "Thank you for sharing, now SHUT UP and quit Whining!" ????

Do you ever get tired of those whiners and their online "journals"? Or the guys who hit on you and you politely decline, and they keep pestering you and pestering you, and pestering you like some obnoxious, festering, pus-filled sore, until you finally have to WHAP them over the head with a VERY LARGE CLUE-BY-FOUR (tm)....?

Do you feel like you might as well "get hung for a sheep as a lamb", because no matter how POLITELY you try to turn down some guy's advances, you invariably get called a "Bitch"?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then Heartless Bitches International wants YOU. Heartless Bitches is now recruiting! Join up and be proud to use phrases like:

"Keep it in your pants, asshole"
"Oh why don't you just masturbate and get over it!?"
"No, you can't watch."
"Wah, fuckin', Wah."

All card-carrying members will be sent a card to carry (if you send in the SASE), so you can proudly display your HBI membership card when some clueless jerk tries to give you grief.

GO GO GO!!!!

Create Your Own Mariachi Love Song

This is messed up , kinda funny, and probably offensive to ALL latinos and Mexican Americans. Naturally I posted it anyway.

Mariachi Love Song

The 2004 Home computer...of the 1950s

That's It...QUIZ FRENZY!!!

Ganguro Girls Game

Ganguro Girls..Look it up, round eyes. This flash game revolves around you trying to hook up with a Ganguro Girl!

Ganguro Girls!


Turn down your speakers. But check out the new urban jogging sport thingy that is going on.

Urban Running

How Fucking American are YOU!??!

A flash quiz for you to enjoy. From Matt Stone and Trey Park and Team America World Police


How Fucking American are YOU!??!

A flash quiz for you to enjoy. From Matt Stone and Trey Park and Team America World Police


Thousands of Ways To Annoy People! Learn to annoy people :
Ways to Annoy People In An Elevator
Ways to Annoy Public Bathroom Stallmates
Ways To Annnoy Your Roommate
Ways to Annoy People on the Beach
Ways to Annoy People At An Amusement Park
And many many more! A comprehensive list!

Get Annoyed

Hard Objects Commercial

A funny Japanese commercial


Reno 911 Dungeons and Dragons bit


Welcome to BlankTV 3.0, the next generation of online music mayhem. Due to legal and social constraints, we have to inform you that the music videos and film clips on this site may contain images or language that our moms, and quite likely yours, would find shocking, offensive or stupid. So you should probably just stop right now. If you're a right inconsiderate bastard and don't mind breaking your poor mother's heart, you should be at least eighteen years of age before entering such a den of iniquity.

the largest collection of punk, ska, oi, hardcore and indie music videos anywhere


Leash Your Woman

We all know how difficult it is to keep that special girl in your life. It seems that whenever you think you have a strong relationship with commitment, you get walked all over. Other men, other women, even electronic devices, can tear away that one thing that matters!

At last! You can relax! Just keep your girl on a leash.

Leash your woman

Which General Mills monster-themed cereal mascot are you?

In the `70`s and `80`s, General Mills introduced a series of monster-themed cereals, three of which can be found in supermarkets to this day. The others have been long discontinued, and so the vast majority of young consumers today remain ignorant of their past occupancy of grocery store shelves.

Cereal Monster Quiz

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I am being told it's too much.

I have a question for any regular readers, assumng I have any.

"Do I post too many things per day?"

Yuki told me that some people don't like to check my site because there's too much posted every day and they can't keep up. Now this makes no damn sense to me because noone's supposed to be keeping up. And it shouldn't be anything like 'too much of a hassle' to click on the stuff that sounds interesting. But maybe it is.

PLEASE, if you read this post. COMMENT on it and tell me if I post too much per day? I can limit it to five posts a day if that would make people feel more comfortable coming to check out my site. I need to know. Does it seem to overwhelm? Do I need to limit 'posts-per-day' or can I rock and roll with max postage all the time?

Respond if you can, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

--The Rev.


A Nifty Tombstone generator. Check it out! I had lotsa fun with it!


Baby Art

Something Quite Disturbing This Way Comes!!

The "Baby Art" artist seems preoccupied with cherubic baby figures defiled by exposed organs and other horrific abominations.



"Ice Knife" on alt.slack did his homework well with his collection of links spotlighting the "inflatable" craze, which we've immortalized here. Does looking at inflatable objects stir any sexual desire within you? We condemn / commend Ice Knife for his eager effort to extol the ecstasy of INFLATABLE OBJECTS to the common masses.
They're not kidding, and no, it's not a religion... YET.
Odds and ends. Inflatable Clocks, Daypacks, etc.
Things to shoot at.
A classic. Home of the original inflatable sheep.
Holiday flavor for inflatable livestock fetishists.
Mission Control, please scratch my ass.
Scary implications.

Unique Inflatables
An excellent collection of applied wrongness.

Heavy military sex gear.
It's alive! It's ALIVE!!!
MORE giant sex toys.
Some people just can't help themselves.
Because maybe your big fat ass isn't fat ENOUGH?

And finally,
"Tank is the most mature product of our dummy military products"


has nothing to do with bugs or parasites. But does have something to do with funny videos. Check out the stuff at

Parasite TV

How do I know if a teen is involved with Satanism?

Here are some signs that can indicate a teen is involved with the occult:

An unhealthy preoccupation with fantasy role-playing games like "Dungeons & Dragons."
An interest in Ouija boards and other occult games.
An obsession with heavy metal music, particularly black metal bands and other groups that use Satanic symbolism.
Books on magic, witchcraft, paganism and Satanism.
Objects used for spells or rituals, including candles, incense, knives, pentagrams, inverted crosses or the number 666.
Extreme secrecy. The teen will become obsessive about his privacy. He may be hiding materials in his room.
An addiction to horror movies.
Chronic depression, increased aggressive and violent behavior.
Wearing all black clothing.

Heh heh, find out more of this balderdash at DEVIL WORSHIP


A large site devoted to old superstitions. It's nifty and full of info. Makes me wanna step on a crack


Weird-Food dot com

Nearly every culture invents a food that is weird or disgusting to outsiders. These strange foods from around the world are cultural markers to show who's a member (insiders like it) and who's not a member (outsiders hate it.) Maybe a group of kids started eating it on a dare. They then perpetuate it (perpetrate it) on the next generation. Then they nudge each other and laugh when outsiders gag.

For example, many cultures pride themselves on their foul-tasting local drinks, such as white lightning, pulque, chong, retsina, and so on. You're accepted if you drink it. The complex food laws of the Middle East have more to do with distinguishing your group from neighboring groups than health concerns or sacred scriptures.


U S Submarines

Quite a business concept. Great for Supervillains looking for viable and affordable undersea lairs. checkout htier interesting website

US Submarines

Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints

There is a phenomenon in the Catholic Church, that of incorrupt bodies of certain saints. Of these, it is estimated that less than one percent are due to extensive embalming. The church classifies these as relics of the saints. They are unique because they defy the laws of nature. Some bodies are still completely incorrupt, some have begun the normal process of a deceased body while others were incorrupt for years but due to the normal processes (God permitting) they are now buried.

Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints

Songran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum

Si Quey (pronounced SEE OUEE) was executed (by hanging) for the crimes of multiple murders and even more multiple rapes. He was then mummified ... to serve as a perpetual reminder to all potential miscreants. Today, this 'greeter' stands (in a glass box) at the top of the stairs, exhorting all to gaze at the contents of his museum.

we now present herewith our third virtual tour.

Baby Soup

Wow! This is SICKLY realistic. I truly TRULY hope this isn't what it seems to be. It involves asian cooking so Who Knows!??!

Baby Soup

The History of Headhunting

An Online Museum of sorts, devoted to the phenomenon of Head-Hunting. Among certain primitive cultures


The Worm Within

When I go to the bathroom, I usually expect it to be a non-event. After so many years, there are few surprises left for me sitting on a toilet. Yet that's where I first discovered an uninvited entity that called me home.

The Tape Worm Experience

International Hero Catalog

A site devoted to the hero's of comics in OTHER countries besides America. Chock full o' foreign wierdness. You just may enjoy.

Welcome to the International Catalogue of Superheroes.


The concept of this restaurant makes me wanna barf! But look at it! it appears to be making it! What is WRONG with people?!?


Neil Armstrong - Uncut!

n 1969, Neil Armstrong made history by becoming the first man to walk on the moon, uttering the immortal phrase, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Or did he? Previously suppressed footage discovered by blogjam shows that Armstrong's reaction was a great deal more uninhibited than history suggests, and that a hasty editing job was needed to prepare the astronaut's moment of glory for broadcast.

So here, for the first time, is the unedited NASA film from the triumphant Apollo 11 mission.



Wow! Interesting site design, bizarre concept, great execution. Rock and Roll

Check out Elevator Moods

Women in Spacesuits in TV and Film...

Form the 50s to the present day. Pictures of women in spacesuits in film and video. Why? Who the FUCK knows!??!


For all who would struggle against the tragedy of religion

Fraudulent and Evil
ROTTEN – from beginning to end

THIS oughtta piss off some Christians


I've posted it before and I'll post it again! Untill Jene's son Miles is no longer a jackass, this site will be periodically linked to on my site. You WILL enjoy it though even if you're not a parent

Beat Baby, Beat!


THE GRAND CANYON FINDS--"Is the idea that ancient Egyptians came to the Arizona area in the ancient past so objectionable and preposterous that it must be covered up ? Perhaps the Smithsonian Institution is more interested in maintaining the staus quo then(sic) rocking the boat with astonishing new discoveries that totally overturn the previously accepted academic teachings."

Text of the Complete Article as it appeared in the Phoenix Gazette dated Monday April 5th, 1909.


Here's a newer Article on the subject with a picture as well
Click Here

And another Article HERE

Make your own Comic Strip

It's as Easy as a Dfilm! Check out the ingenius comic strip creator site!


The Antikythera Mechanism

In the year 1900 the bronze remains of a mechanical device were retrieved from a shipwreck off Antikythera, near Crete.

It was not clear initially what the device was, except that it was clearly a sophisticated mechanism. X-ray analysis was subsequently used to probe the inner structure of the device, the details of the gears. Finally in 1974, a full analysis was published by Professor D. De Solla Price. While some of the original gearing was missing, there was enough to work out that the device was intended to show the motion of the Moon, Sun, and most likely the Planets through the years, when the handle was turned. A few years ago, John Gleave, an orrery maker based in the United Kingdom, decided to construct a working replica of the original mechanism.

The Antikythera Mechanism


Sometime between 1902 and 1910 three mysterious stones were discovered in three different Central Texas Counties by Dave M. Arnold and local land owners. All three discoveries sparked extensive treasure hunts, two of which were financed by Dr. Caleb Lafon Terrell of Haskell, Texas, until his death on May 8, 1909 . Each stone bore hieroglyphic symbols that have not yet been totally deciphered, even at this late date. (1)

Throughout the last century, into the current period, treasure hunters, a history professor, archeologists, ranchers, a lock smith, mechanical engineer, logistics specialists, a postman, authors, museum personnel and a long list of others have sought to unravel the purpose of the stones and interrupt their cryptic symbols.

We do not know what the three stones (the three Spider Rocks), found in Central Texas represent. We do not know who carved the intricate symbols depicted on them, nor do we know why someone would cut replicas of two of the stone maps (the Clyde map and the Aspermont map) on a disc a mere one-eighth-inch-thick and one and three quarters inches in diameter, then loose it or place it on the east side of Kiowa Peak (for centruies a historic landmark for travelers). Possibly the whole thing is a hoax, but it would certainly have taken a considerable amount of time for an individual or individuals to conceive and carry it out. Perhaps you have found a stone or metal artifact, located a document or have solved a piece of this puzzling Texas mystery.


The Phaistos Disc

It is called the Phaistos Disc and is a small, baked clay disc about five inches in diameter. On the surface of each side of the disc there are incised spirals and within these are groups of hieroglyphic type characters which have never been interpreted. The Phaistos Disc is thought to date to about 1700BC. It is presently in the Heraklion Museum in Crete.

People have tried for decades to try and unravel the mystery of the Phasitos Disc but this has proved to be impossible for several reasons. There are very few examples of this sort of hieroglyphic script on Crete and since it never appears with any comparable text, there just are not enough examples for cross-referencing. Also there is no knowledge of the language spoken on Crete in Minoan times

The Phaistos Disc

THE Voynich Manuscript IS REAL!!!

In 1912, the antiquarian book dealer Wilfrid M. Voynich bought a number of mediaeval manuscripts from an undisclosed location in Europe. Among these was a lavishly illustrated manuscript codex of 234 pages, written in an unknown script.
Voynich took the MS to the United States and started a campaign to have it deciphered. Now, almost 100 years later, the Voynich manuscript still stands as probably the most elusive puzzle in the world of cryptography. Not a single word of this 'Most Mysterious Manuscript', written probably in the second half of the 15th Century, can be understood.

I thought this was an invention of H.P. Lovecraft, BUT I WAS WRONG!!!

check out the skinny on...THE VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

The Los Lunas Inscription is an abridged version of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments, carved into the flat face of a large boulder resting on the side of Hidden Mountain, near Los Lunas, New Mexico, about 35 miles south of Albuquerque. The language is Hebrew, and the script is the Old Hebrew alphabet, with a few Greek letters mixed in. See Cline (1982), Deal (1984), Stonebreaker (1982), Underwood (1982), and/or Neuhoff (1999) for transcriptions and translation, and Deal (1984) for discussion and photographs of the setting.

George Moorehouse (1985), a professional geologist, indicates that the boulder is of the same basalt as the cap of the mesa. He estimates its weight at 80 to 100 tons, and says it has moved about 2/3 of the distance from the mesa top to the valley floor since it broke off. The inscription is tilted about 40 degrees clockwise from horizontal, indicating that the stone has settled or even moved from its position at the time it was inscribed. (The above photograph was taken with a tilted camera.)

In 1996, Prof. James D. Tabor of the Dept. of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina - Charlotte, interviewed the late Professor Frank Hibben (1910-2002), a retired University of New Mexico archaeologist, "who is convinced that the inscription is ancient and thus authentic. He reports that he first saw the text in 1933. At the time it was covered with lichen and patination and was hardly visible. He was taken to the site by a guide who had seen it as a boy, back in the 1880s." (Tabor 1997) At present the inscription itself is badly chalked and scrubbed up. However, Moorehouse compares the surviving weathering on the inscription to that on a nearby modern graffito dating itself to 1930. He concludes that the Decalogue inscription is clearly many times older than this graffito, and that 500 to 2000 years would not be an unreasonable estimate of its age.

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?

Bourke Lee, in his book 'DEATH VALLEY MEN' (MacMillan Co., N.Y. 1932), chapter: "Old Gold", describes a conversation which he had several years ago with a small group of Death valley residents. The conversation had eventually turned to the subject of Paihute Indian legends. At one point two of the men, Jack and Bill, described their experience with an 'underground city' which they claimed to have discovered after one of them had fallen through the bottom of an old mine shaft near Wingate Pass.

They found themselves in a natural underground cavern which they claimed to have followed about 20 miles north into the heart of the Panamint Mountains. To their amazement, they allegedly found themselves in an huge, ancient, underground cavern city. They claimed that they discovered within the city several perfectly preserved 'mummies', which wore thick arm bands, wielded gold spears, etc. The city had apparently been abandoned for ages, except for the mummies, and the entire underground system looked very ancient. It was formerly lit, they found out by accident, by an ingenious system of lights fed by subterranean gases. They claimed to have seen a large, polished round table which looked as if it may have been part of an ancient council chamber, giant statues of solid gold, stone vaults and drawers full of gold bars and gemstones of all kinds, heavy stone wheelbarrows which were perfectly balanced and scientifically-constructed so that a child could use them, huge stone doors which were almost perfectly balanced by counter-weights, and other incredible sights. They also claimed to have followed the caverns upwards to a higher level which ultimately opened out onto the face of the Panamints, about half-way up the eastern slope, in the form of a few ancient tunnel-like quays. They realized that the valley below was once under water and they eventually came to the conclusion that the arched openings were ancient 'docks' for sea vessels. They could allegedly see Furnace Creek Ranch and Wash far below them.

Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?

Welcome, and thank you for visiting!

Here, you can read the truth about Baby Smashers, which are available to the public all over the nation under the guise of "Baby Changing Stations". exists to provide the public with a means of spreading the truth about Baby Smashers - educating more people about the true use of these devices.

Baby Smashers are an efficient, convenient, and fun way to dispose of unwanted babies. However, most people are unaware that so-called "Baby Changing Stations" are actually Baby Smashers!

Midnight Ramble

Black characters have appeared in Hollywood films for as long as motion pictures have been produced. In the early years the hiring of black performers was rare. When feature roles requiring a black player came along, the film’s producers habitually hired white actors and let him, or her portray the character in “Blackface”.

Midnight Ramble concerns Black Hollywood from the period just after World War I through the 1940s. It considers everything from the low budget, independent Race movies of Oscar Micheaux to major studio productions. It’s a tribute to a very misunderstood, and mysterious film genre that lasted for over forty years.

This section of The Palace is dedicated to those actors and filmmakers of Race movies, and Black Hollywood that flourished during the first half of the twentieth century.

Midnight Ramble

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

How To Spot A Tyrant - Facial Hair!

Take a look throughout history and you'll notice that too many of the major tyrants and despots of our time had facial hair. And usually very weird facial hair. In fact, this coincidence has even affected presidential elections in the United States. In more recent times, Americans have become incredibly uncomfortable with electing politicians who sport beards or moustaches. When was the last time we elected a president with facial hair? The answer: William Howard Taft and he had a miserable 4 years as president.

However, back to the main point. The makings of a tyrant or despot seems to center around the growth of facial hair. I even decided to test myself and see how many I could come up with. Let me know if I've left any out:

Tyrant Facial Hair


This site sound like it offers what can be a pretty amusing service. Basically you can totally freak out some person by sending what appear to be emails form the Police Department or what have you, accusing them of crimes or other issues of concern. I haven't tried it so i can't vouch for how good or convincing they are but they SOUND pretty good


Make Me A Sandwich

This site would seem to be a response to all the 'dickhead boyfriend' site I have seen but not posted that are all over the internet. Ladies, check this out. then do a search for the amazing number of women's tales of woe that suffuse the internet on Google to balance out the shock.



I first heard of this sick fetish YEARS ago, but now I know it's true. People who purposefully eat themselves into obesity for the sake of fetishism. See the horror, know the truth!


Latina Low-Rider Models Page

It's a huge listing-site devoted to Mexican chicks who pose in pictures with low-riders. If your 'thing' is minitrucks and low-riders and heavy breasted latinas in bikinis, then this is a site for you! If you are a normal person, this site will only scare you with the sheer number of girls represented here.


B-Boys dot com

It's a Hip-Hop hodown here at It's everything hip-hop from graffitti to breakin' to DJ scratching to Rappin'. Seattle Washington based but full of htings to see and do.


Sleazy Bars

Sleazy bars are cheap, dirty, and dark places loaded with a diverse set of socially unacceptable thirsty people, usually open till dawn or never closing, marked by low-character of quality, where the smoke is so thick you can hardly breathe and the music is too loud.

Although these places hardly can be defined in one category, some common ground is that food (if any)most likely runs of your plate, you rather piss next to than in the toilet, and you have to take several barriers to enter, like thumping fists on the door, shouting or other kind of rumble. Sleazy bars may be rough, but are still renowned for their excellent (non-aggressive) atmosphere.

A well made site, albeit kinda hard to navigate at first.
Sleazy Bars

The Methods File

Hello, folks. This is the semi-famous Methods File. It contains information on many different ways to take your own life. Some of them are serious, some of them are not. Hopefully, you can see which is which by yourself, but I'll try to mark them anyway.

An Internet CLassic, I first heard about this in like, 1989 or so. Check it out!

The History of Chitlins

Chitterlings is the formal name, but most folks call ‘em Chitlins.  And, if you know about chitlins, well there is nothing formal about them.  They are the large intestines of a pig.  As such, they possess a distinct, er aroma when you cook them.  Some people turn up their noses (literally and figuratively) at the mention of chitlins.  They are a food that most people either love or hate.  However, Chitlins have a unique and storied history in Southern American culture.  And, I’m here to tell ya, when served with hot sauce, ham, turkey, macaroni & cheese, collard greens and sweet potato pie…ain’t nuttin better!

Learn all about it!

Strange but talented paintings of Celebrities

This is a gallery of the work of a painter who specializes in psuedo-erotic painintgs of pop-culture figures and such. It was almost too mundane to post. But really, it's also kind of interesting. Check it out


modern drunkard magazine

Putting the FUN in Functional Alcoholic! Check it out!


Attack of the 50foot Women ( from Japan )

Here's a wierd site by a guy who seems to make a hobby of creating images of giant women hanging out in cities and Disneyland. Not pornagraphic pictures but sometimes with wierd costumes or outfits on. It was strange enough to post


Hoodlum Hoods

Great for Outlaw Bikers who's day job is Welder, and Students taking metal sculpture class. These welding masks make me wanna weld stuff!

Hoodlum Hoods

Shocking Perv Entertainment

When this cheese loads, move your cursor over the picture of the girl. Why did I post this you might ask? I don't kow. Go ask your Father.

X-Ray Specs!


X-press your true feelings about an ex-lover, ex-spouse or ex-boss. X-orcise enemies who attack you. X-pose the weakness of whoever opposes you. X-tend your reach to the ultimate. This is it! You've found the genuine original -- the one and only
X-Brand™ X-Wipes™

Yep, you can get peoples pictures printed on Toilet paper. Here's my suggestions:
Your School Principal
Your Asst. Manager
Your Presidential candidate you oppose
Your other Un-Freinds


The World's Heaviest People

"...Here, then, is a list of every known individual who has staked a claim to a weight of 900 pounds or more, in descending order of magnitude. Estimated (or possibly exaggerated) peak weights are marked with an asterisk, while unverified (or unverifiable) stories are marked with two. New entries, photos, and updated information are always welcome. Those looking for a higher moral purpose in this catalog of wonders may note how often these lives have been cut short by venal, inadequate, or positively clueless medical care. How much healthier would the lives of lesser fat people be, if biographies like these were the subject of discussion in professional journals rather than supermarket tabloids?"

The 900 Club

Martys Super WAL MART Adventure

Oh yes! Pictures and VIDEO of antics at the SuperWal-Mart. This was the sort of stuff I did for laughs when I was a teenager. So I can totally relate to the idea.

Martys Super WAL MART Adventure



Welcome good citizens! I'm sure it is your great pleasure to be aware of my existence. Please don't embarrass yourself with slobbering gratitude toward me. Although I am a superior security guard I am also sort of like you. So relax, write me letters and stories and I will post them. This is your site, too.

Your Man In Lite Blue,
Look Both Ways,
Be Safe,

Thrill to the exploits of Phil the Security Guard.


A bunch of cute little games for Sanrio type people


The History of, and How to make your own, LAVA LAMP

Find it all out here. the inventor, the history, the formula of LAVA and all the other stupid crap you might want to know about


Basic Survival Techniques for Incarceration

Entering prison for the first time can be a frightening experienced The noise level is what strikes you and it is unlike any noise that you have ever heard before. It's human noise and clamor. That, coupled with the sight of those dreary bars, made me think, "Man, what have I gotten myself into here?!" When you have entered prison, you have entered a world unto itself. Each prison is different. What applies to one prison certainly will not apply to another.  Generally, certain common things will take place.  You will be taken off of a bus or other transport, and led into the prison.  While this is taking place, other inmates will be “sizing you up”, and jeering at you, trying to intimidate you through fences, windows, etc.  Keep your eyes forward, do NOT respond, and ignore it.  Period.

A TON of useful information!


Clayton Bailey has made approximately 100 life-size robot sculptures of found objects since 1976. He searches the local flea markets and scrap metal yards for discarded home appliances, cookware, bicycle and automobile parts. He carefully grafts the parts together into new forms; reincarnating them as robot sculptures. The "past lives" of the robot's various "mechanical molecules" are said to give them their soul.

His family of robot sculptures range from the humanoid to the pet dog or exotic bird or insect. They don't walk around and break your china and endanger your art collection. They are static; they stand still and blink their lights. (The robot sculptures sometimes function as clocks and radios that speak and sing in the native tongue wherever they travel.)

This guys stuff rocks, and there's more than robots too!



Ever wanted to play a computer game that allows you to inflict real pain on your opponent (heh-heh)? 

Good site design, Good concept. Interesting execution. Check it out


Mayberry in Star Trek

On this web page I will be showing some of the buildings of Mayberry that were used in 2 episodes of Star Trek, the orginal
series. The Episodes are "Miri" and "The City on the Edge of Forever". Both have some great glimpses of Mayberry that we normally never see in a TAGS episode. This page will start with images from the episode "Miri", If you wish to jump to images from "The City on the Edge of Forever" episode, click here

The "Ultima" Tower, Two-mile High Sky City

Why build a two-mile high, one mile wide building? To prevent the uncontrolled blight of the natural landscape by rapacious developers and industry. At current rates the surface of the planet will be nearly totally covered with residential, commercial and apartment dwellings within the coming century. Large structures such as these bring nature upward to preserve the natural surroundings and to add natural surroundings in a controlled environment. This two-mile high, trumpet bell-shaped, tension structure is the most stable and aerodynamic shape ever conceived for a tall structure. Its upper level wall thicknesses are the same as the lower level wall thicknesses unlike other structural systems that are extremely tall. It is like a suspension cable bridge stood on end. There are 120 levels to the structure with great heights at each level. The scale of this stucture is such that the entire central district of Beijing could fit into its base. One must not think in terms of floors but, instead, imagine entire landscaped neighborhood districts with "skies" that are 30 to 50 meters high. Lakes, streams, rivers, hills and ravines comprise the soil landscape on which residential, office, commercial, retail and entertainment buildings can be built.


In case i actually have any readers from our fine Mexican-American or Latino communities, I thought I would post this KICK ASS site for by and about Mexican Americans/Latinos. This site is hella boss! The advertisements alone are worth going to it to take a peek. I recommend it for ALL my readers...such as you are.


The History of Nancy

The story of how something kinda cool can go SOOOO wrong! Nancy is a comic strip of SATAN!

The comic strip we now know as Nancy was originally named Fritzi Ritz and was created by Larry Whittington in 1922. It was all about the exploits of a New York "flapper" & promising movie starlet. In 1925 Ernie Bushmiller was brought in to do the strip. Ernie modeled Fritzi after the women he loved, Abby Bohnet. Five years later, in 1930, Ernie and Abby were married. The comic strip followed Fritzi Ritz's romantic adventures & the situations she encountered as a free spirited, independant women of the 1920's. After winning a beauty contest, Fritzi worked as an actress in a small studio in New York. Fritzi, being the beautiful women that she was, and still is today, had many suitors and led quite an exciting life which included...


Horseradish Challenge : Attempt One

Eat and entire jar of straight up Inglehoffer Brand Extra Hot Horseradish in 10 minutes. Drinking water was allowed. Spitting horseradish out was acceptable as long as it was consumed within the 10 minutes. Mike presented the challenge, with a cash prize of $200. Erik accepted the challenge. Ride 'em horses!

Oh man this shouldn't happen to a dog!


This is a SWEET ecomic written by Neil Gaiman. Check it out now! It's free, nigga!



The best anti-war, anti-Bush liberal political t-shirts and gifts available anywhere, or so they claim. Although 2 unemployed democrats is tough to beat!

Check it out


by Dirty Howie

Not a scatalogical ickiness but actually an almost artistic telling of one mans tale of rental woe.

check out the story

The Crackcam

The Crackcam is a web site devoted to exposing the individuals who are involved in the drug trade in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis to the scrutiny of the public.

If you see someone's face on this page, they have been captured on videotape either buying or selling drugs in the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis. The license plate pages - same thing.. the people driving those cars came into Phillips to buy (and in a couple of cases, sell) illegal drugs, predominantly crack cocaine.

If you recognize and can identify anyone you see here, or any vehicle whose license plate appears here, we urge you to contact the Minneapolis Police Department, or at least tell the individual that their face is plastered on the internet on these pages.

Thanks for viewing.

CRACKCAM a fine idea that should be emulated in 'hoods across the country

Midnight Society

Midnight Society is an organization dedicated to preserving local legends and lore of historical information dealing with the metropolitan area. The stories featured on the website are views expressed by our readers and may or may not necessarily be the views of the Midnight Society organization itself or its sponsors. The information provided in the stories posted may or may not be factual. We try out best to follow up on these stories and try to only post those that seem the most truthful. Midnight Society focuses on what the public are saying, whether or not it is factual or not. As we know many legends are not 100% factual. However we do believe there is always a bit of truth to many legends and stories.
Please also note that Midnight Society is in no way responsible for your actions. Please follow the law to its full extent, which does vary from each different municipality. Whether it be trespassing, breaking and entering or any other violation of the law, we do not condone it or hold any responsibilities. This website is merely a forum for people to post and share their stories, experiences, and photographs.all contents and pictures property of Midnight Society NJ otherwise where else noted (c)2001

We need one of these here in Austin!
Midnight Society


"Your easy one stop choice for personal lethal biological pathogens"

The increasing ease of obtaining infectious biological agents will naturally lead to their public acquisition through specialized lethal biological pathogen vending machines. Although these machines will share many traits with today's typical vending devices, there will be new demands placed on them by governments and society. These systems will be required to automatically and safely cultivate, monitor, contain, package, and properly dispense lethal biological pathogens. Furthermore, the vending device must accurately record, track, and monitor the individuals using the system and observe social trends in viral demands to make long term predictions about humanity.


SPIDERMAN - the true lyrics

Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out! Here comes the Spiderman.
Is he strong? Listen bud, He's got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread Take a look overhead
Hey, there There goes the Spiderman.
In the chill of night At the scene of a crime Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.
Spiderman, Spiderman Friendly neighborhood Spiderman
Wealth and fame He's ingnored Action is his reward.
To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Spider man.

Retro Cocktail Hour

Whatever you call it the likable, eager-to-please instrumental pop of the 1950s and '60s is back! Sparked by CD reissues from such major labels as RCA and Capitol Records, the lounge music craze encompasses a diverse array of music - the Polynesian sway of Les Baxter and Martin Denny, the eccentric pop confections of Juan Garcia Esquivel, the mambo madness of Perez Prado, "private eye jazz" from TV's 77 Sunset Strip and Peter Gunn and the cartoon-like caperings of Raymond Scott, among others.

Cheezy Listening

Inconspicuous Consumption

What is inconspicuous consumption? It's about deconstructing the details of consumer culture -- details that are either so weird or obscure that we'd never see them, or so ubiquitous that we've essentially stopped seeing them. This can mean anything from a bizarre canned good, like sauerkraut juice, to a beautifully designed light-industrial object that we've always taken for granted, like the Brannock Device (that gizmo they use to measure your shoe size).

deconstructing the details of consumer culture

Robot Frank

My name is Frank. Yes, I am a robot. Don't email me and make fun of me because I'm a robot. Chances are whatever you have to say I have heard before. Welcome to my website. On this page you can learn about me, see pictures of me, or even read my personal diary entries. First, heres a little background on my life: I live with a family that lets me stay in their basement. On weekends I like to hang out and party with my friends. I don't have a job during the week. I just hang out and do work around the house. The family recently bought a computer so I am teaching myself how to make a webpage. It's not easy to make a webpage. I always forget to check for spelling errors. I hope you enjoy my website.

Robots are becomeing ever more numerous

A good site in it's own way

Do you suffer from unsightly, disgusting UNWANTED HAIR?

Whether you realize it or not, Unwanted Hair could be sabotaging your popularity, devastating your attractiveness to the opposite sex, and destroying any chance you might have for a normal and happy life.
It used to be that those stray follicles around the bikini area meant endless painful hours spent waxing, plucking, or shaving--or resigning yourself to a hopeless life as a unfashionably fuzzy pariah.
...but that's now a thing of the past! Thanks to a joint effort by NASA and the Defense Department, satellite laser technology has finally been put to good use. While SDI (the "Strategic Defense Initiative") was a flop as a global anti-missile defense system, the same laser and particle beam technologies have been turned into a miracle for anyone suffering from Unwanted Hair!

Fun Stuff

The Naked Cowboy

Guy dressed in skimpy trunks panders the streets and calls himself The Naked Cowboy!

The Web has Everything

The Six Beer Theory

Hello and welcome to Silver Lake 2000 SCIENCE CORNER, the newest feature on the ever expanding UncoolCentral website. The experts here at SL2000 have often overheard local residents asking: "What is the difference between a gay and a straight man?" with the answer being, "Six beers." Could it really be true that homosexual and heterosexual males become one after the consumption of only six alcoholic grain beverages? The scientists in our laboratories decided to conduct a controlled experiment and see just how valid this theory was.

Aw yeah, with Pictures and every damn thing!

Six Beer Theory

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I Hump Things dot com

Humping is not for everyone, and because of this it must be done under extreme caution. Humping is a type of expression stemming from a simulated sexual act. This act is meant to shock and devalue a situation, but it should not possess or full fill a sexual fantasy. I call it cultural displacement. You take a movement or action understood by most everyone in a society, and transpose it into a situation that seems to be unfit for the situation. The act of moving your hips against something in a way that seems to be sexual is usually hidden from our society, but expose this action in a certain cultural situation and it can be seen as appalling. I guess what I am trying to say, is when you hump something just for the sake of humping, you remove all sexual innuendoes. You esentially displace the cultural aspect of a hidden expression and expose it to other peers in your society.

strangely, this is NOT a porn site. But bizarre and scary nonetheless


WOW! this site teaches how to cook with molten Lava. Noshit, I'm serious. it's from hawaii. This is neat stuff here. I'd like to see it done live.


The Escape Artist dot com

FINALLY, I post a site that's useful! This is a site for people who are ready to leave the united states and live somewhere else for a change. Restart your life overseas! Escape the insane repressive police state our nation will soon become now that there's a Patriot Act 1 and 2. Find out how here!



From the days when the big lake with the longest name in the United States was a central gathering place for the Nipmuc Indians and their friends, the great pond - divided by narrow channels into three larger bodies of water - has been famed throughout the area.

The Indians had several different names for the great body of water, as can be learned from early maps and old historical records. However, all of these were similar in part and had almost the same translation, according to Indian language. Among early names were Chabanaguncamogue, Chaubanagogum, and Chaubunagungamaug, the latter now incorporated in the long name.

All historians - and Indians of this and other territories - have agreed that Chaubunagungamaugg means "Fishing Place at the Boundary".

That word in the title is actually a word and it is the name for this lake. Check out the story here

Welcome to!
We are the nation's largest no fee recruitment site for Internet and Telephone Actresses & Actors!
Start your exciting career in adult entertainment while maintaining complete anonymity.

That's right, we've found the site for aspiring phone-sex harlots! You'll be impressed by the quality appearance of the site!


Hoax Photo Test

Test your pop culture literacy by trying to guess which are the hoax photos (i.e. those that have been manipulated in some way) and which are real.


Big Game SUV Hunting

Our Mission:
     This campaign is designed to tell the world what we think of those mindless suburban drones who insist on getting 12 mpg while driving their kids to soccer practice. Join us as we direct our social activist energies toward the exciting new sport of Big Game SUV Hunting.


What Christian Theologian are you?

Another quick test.

Saints be Praised!

Emperor Norton

Who can put Norton in his proper place? He was a king only by the consent of a people who recognized in him no authority except the making of mirth. He was a royal figure who could only exist in a democracy. Were the country ruled by a genuine potentate, Norton would have been put down as either a rival to the throne or an affront to its dignity. He epitomized Monarchy as Beggary, as an institution which peculiarly demanded much of the people while giving little in return. He helped feed the tabloid writers and at less expense than certain other royals active in our world today. Kings and Emperors did not like this kind of truth revealed and would have eliminated the clowning menace to their power. Joshua Norton was no threat to the will of the people. He was one of them. He could not be otherwise in America. Here is his greatness. For in Norton, we find affirmation of every person's right to express her/himself and to be taken as an authority, to have her/himself heard in the great national debate. And when we laugh at him or one of his proclamations, he serves to remind us that freedom of speech includes the right of others to differ with or even ridicule what we have to say. Few of his solutions to the problems of his day and ours were workable, but how many of us know all the answers? History is filled with the examples of men and women who thought they did and then arrogated terrible power to themselves; who invented right to do so when there was none usually at the price of pain and suffering for the many. Norton reduced the memory of all these to the harmlessness they richly deserved. Norton gave us a chance to laugh at the institution of monarchy and point up our own foibles as a free people. (Ah, would there be a mad king in our times who would dare to proclaim against the whispers of sexual innuendo and moral absolutism which have crippled our government and our press?) Insanity of Joshua Norton's kind may be one of our best checks against absurd government. In diversity alone, in the allowance for the mad outburst as well as the starkly sane observation, can democracy be for all the people.

Find out More


Since the dawn of time, man has looked to the heavens and wondered: where did the stars come from? He has looked at the great diversity of plants and animals around him and wondered: where did life come from? He has looked at himself and wondered: where did I come from?

Later, he began to ask more complicated questions. He looked in his wallet and asked: where did my paycheck go? Am I on the right bus? Who do you like in the series?

To the former questions, at least, science has provided answers.



SO FUCKING AWFULL, It's european music video horror

ZLAD the Impaler

Ebony Ads

Ad's from Ebony Magazine in 1972. Damn! it's afroliscious!



Kerry has grown complacent. He will be an effective president, but ONLY if he wins the election. If the American people believe that Kerry feels entitled to the Presidency, they will punish his arrogance and award the next four years to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The Presidency of the United States is not an inherited office but a position that must be Fought for and earned through blood, sweat, and tears!

There is one man who has always lived his life just barely keeping his head above all three of these bodily fluids!

There is one man who has always battled the forces of evil republicanism with the graceful leaps and steel-vice holds of la lucha libre!

There is only one man for the democratic vice-presidential nominee, a man who will bring the ticket of 2000 the honor, strength, and crowd-pleasing flamboyance that will defeat the republican menace!



I Hate My Life

What to do if you are homeless, about to become homeless or just plain dirt poor from former writer of Beavis & Butthead now homeless and dirt poor:

"I became homeless in March of 2002 through a series of bizarre events (that I am not posting here as I am trying to sell the story or the screenplay). But it was a happy ending; I got off the streets April 1, 2003."

This site is cool check it out
I hate my life

HOLY CRAP - The Holy Land Experience!

What is The Holy Land Experience?
The Holy Land Experience is a living, biblical history museum that takes you 7,000 miles away and 3,000 years back in time to the land of the Bible. Its unique combination of sights, sounds, and tastes stimulate your senses and blend together to create a spectacular, new experience. But above all, beyond the fun and excitement, it is our sincere hope that you will see God and His Word exalted – that you will be encouraged in your search for enduring truth and the ultimate meaning of life. The Holy Land Experience is a Bible-believing, Christ-centered ministry.

Okay, you have GOT TO SEE the craziness of this roadside attraction! This whitebread theme madness! It's UNBELIEVABLE!
I must go.

The Holy Land Experience?

Hardcore Backyard Wrestling

DROOL WITH SATISFACTION as gene pool rejects beat the shit out of each other! 

Hardcore Backyard Wrestling

Texas Prison Tattoos

Within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's expanding prison system tattoos are taken seriously by the inmates and their guards alike. Tattoos obtained while locked up in prison have special significance back on the streets. Texas convicts like other prisoners in the U.S. are racially divided but they share an affection for tattoos that identify home towns. Many of the gangs that are present in prisons across the nation have close regional geographic affiliations. A declaration of allegiance to one town or another can certainly provoke a gang fight and may cost an inmate his life.

I think the author of this site teaches at U.T.

THE MOON: A Propaganda Hoax

n 1995, the American Historical Association, in an attempt to stifle revisionist scholarship, marked the 50th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism with a resolution calling on scholars to "initiate plans now to study the significance of the Holocaust." This, however, was not enough of a blow to free academic discourse for the enemies of truth. The president of the AHA, William Leuchtenburg, was asked why the resolution did not go so far as to explicitly recognize the Holocaust as a fact of history. He answered that for a group of historians to say that there had been a Holocaust was tantamount to "an organization of astronomers saying there is a moon."

While, on the surface, this appears as nothing more than a shameless attempt to trivialize and thereby discredit the work of revisionists, it nonetheless got me to thinking: why did this historian single out the moon? Why would a scholar, so familiar with academic standards of evidence, use such language to imply that the existence of the moon, unlike any other issue, was a given and not subject to proof? What, in other words, was he trying to hide?

It was then that I embarked on my research, which has led me to this day when I can confidently make the following assertion: The Moon does not exist. As I realize this revelation may appear shocking to the average reader, allow me to repeat it:

The Moon does not exist!

This is no lie. Until recently, I, too, believed in the traditional, establishment view of the moon. But any thinking person, untainted by the biases imposed on us by the controlled media, will have no choice but to reach the conclusion I did once faced with the facts described in this account.

This site ROCKS

May take a little long to open

Make your own 'State of the Union' Speech

Make your own bush speech from soundbytes. It's fun and funny to mock the President.



I almost couldn't post this out of good taste, but I figured that this was so unreal and humorously bizarre that folks would forgive me


Singapore: Judicial and prison caning

Photographs of caning trestle from Singapore government video "Prison Me No Way"

Judicial corporal punishment by caning is in widespread use for males in Singapore.

This is an account of its use and application. The information comes from Acts of Parliament, Rules and Regulations, photographs, diagrams, newspaper articles, books, features and other publications freely available.

The descriptions of caning and its effects are from eyewitnesses including prison staff, and from accounts of men who have been caned.

Thousands of canings are ordered each year.

Learn More Here

The Secret Homosexual Handshake

With Illustrations!!! Now you too can be 'in the know'! A public service from your friends at the Landover Baptist Church



It was not by chance that we came to be doing what we are now doing. We have been looking for a fiendish project
to get our teeth in to for the past six months. A friend who works for a lighting company, that shall remain nameless,
informed us that he was working on a video shoot for an anti mobile phone song. He also let us know that the
main characters in the video would be wearing man-size mobile phone suits. After an evening of heavy drinking a
plan was hatched and all concerned decided that this was a cause worth fighting for.

We support the Solid Gold Chart Busters and their anti mobile phone sentiment, but we are prepared to take it one step further.

These Guys Are Nuts!

Have you been thinking about putting yourself up for sale lately? Ever wonder how much money you could get on the open human market? will attempt to place a value on your life using a variety of criteria in 4 basic facets of life (physical,mental,lifestyle,personality). This is obviously a very subjective matter and is not intended and does not claim to be scientifically accurate. The more honestly you answer the questions, the more realistic the dollar value returned will be.

Select your gender to proceed

When Elephants Attack

The following is a partial listing of rampages by captive elephants since 1990. These incidents have resulted in 65 human deaths and more than 130 human injuries. Contact PETA for documentation.


UFO Houses

strange but interesting. Mildly. Maybe not worth posting...I don't know. Check it out and judge for yourself



What is Retrofuture?

The Retrofuture is a concept based on a simple question: what happened to all that futuristic stuff which was supposed to change our lives by the year 2000? Stuff like rocket belts, flying cars, food pills and inflatable homes.

When did this stuff happen?

Back when the year 2000 still evoked images of a perfect future, there was an all-too-brief existential moment when optimism became the order of the day. This was the space age.

Before the door forever slammed shut, hundreds of unique dreams and schemes were hatched--each an elaborate attempt to reach an ideal state of being.

They all failed. But as they failed something new was born--an imaginary universe called Retrofuture, a place where implausible and unfeasible plans continue to live and thrive, where yesterday's tomorrows are still in our future.

Aww, yeah!


Using the latest trends and breakthroughs to predict life in the future.

An insteresting site. very simplistic or should I say minimalist , design. But there's stuff to see nonetheless

Find out what

Beyond the case mod, way beyond

So you like modifying computer cases? So do we, but instead of drilling holes and windows out of our computer cases to install cold cathodes, fans and plexiglass, we simply left the case away this time.

NeuHausPlatz Computer Systems is proud to announce:

The NHP 200NC, a lightweight caseless PC the world has never seen before

You'll be surprised

Dark Passage

A New-York based organizations providing blind archaeologists with the finest quality flashlights


Pets or Food

Pets or Food™ was founded by a member of Mensa, the high IQ society, and we're dedicated to bringing consumers healthy, certified organic animals at wholesale prices. Whether you're getting a pet lizard for your son or a dozen Doberman flank steaks for a SuperBowl party, you won't find lower priced animals anywhere else that are better suited for Pets or Food™.
Sidney Zwibel, CEO Pets or Food

Read More

Quite possibly the finest advertisement ever

Get your Ubangi target toy! totally not racist

Holy Christ! Can you people believe this!!!???!!

And God says it's okay

Sunday, September 26, 2004

How to not get your ass kicked by the police!

How to not get your ass kicked by the police! A crazy funny video from the Chris Rock show. It's Hella funny

Ass Kickin

Naked Clothes

This is immensely stupid and probably quite popular in Japan. These are clothes with naked bodies printed on them. BUT, not just cheap stupid t-shirts, oh-no! Dresses and skirts and tops and...Oh just go look at it..