Friday, April 01, 2005

Yes, Double your EVIL


Thursday, March 31, 2005

I Bukkake for Justice

On the surface, you may appear to be a mild-mannered mundane, but underneath you're a superhero. Which is why, of course, it's your boxer shorts that proclaim the truth. Fight the forces of evil. Make use of that calculus degree. Bukkake. For justice.


Pirates are GAY, Ninjas are Totally Awesome

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Pirates are big, gay homosexuals who like it in the butt. And Ninjas are totally sweet mammals who constantly flip out and chop off heads when they are not busy flying around or stabbing.




Badass & Dumbass of the Month

Badass - Darth Vader

Dumbass - Anakin Skywalker

Oh this is good stuff here. Check it out (<--Click there )

Terri Schiavo's Blog

HA hA HAAAAAAAAA!!! The BLOG ITSELF..specifically the replies to "her" posts..made me nearly crap my
damn PANTS!!!!

-Lord Nimrond

CLICK HERE for Terri Schiavo's Blog

Haunted Possessed Disney Stitch Teddy Dangerous?

The auction says:

The following auction is true. I will not be mentioning any names here, as I do not want any of my family or friends to be hounded by people wanting more information. The only one who would know anything other than me would be my fiance anyway. If anyone has questions, they can be asked of me directly. I please ask that no one try to contact my fiance, as she has gone through quite enough with this ordeal. Pictures are at the bottom of the page.

CLICK HERE to see it!

AWWW yeah! - ERIC

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The South Mouth

This is a new term for Vagina that Liz shared with me today. I just wanted to share it with you all!


World Beard and Moustache Championships

THIS FREAKIN ROCKS! All men should go here and see this now.



In the course of solving the following riddle, you will either reveal the terrifying secret at the very core of existence, or go utterly mad in the attempt.

Let's say you have an ax. The kind that you could use, in a pinch, to hack a man's head off. And let's say that very situation comes up and for some very solid reasons you behead a man. On the follow-through, though, the handle of the ax snaps in half in a spray of splinters. So the next day you take it to the ax store down the block and get a new handle, fabricating a story for the guy behind the counter and explaining away the reddish dark stains as barbeque sauce.

It get's better and better and BETTER CLIIIIIIICK HERE!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Catch-phrases you're unlikely to hear from anyone but me:

Time out for tyranny

Pop! goes the evil

Shave and a haircut, WORSHIP SATAN!

What you never knew about the Pope could KILL YOU!

From the title, you're probably all wondering what in God's name could be so deadly about this wizened old Pontif. But be warned, for what I'm about to reveal could quite well kill you in fright.



It has pictures... - Eric


Fick mich, du miserabler hurensohn
Fick mich, du miserabler hurensohn
Streck ihn aus
Streck aus deinen heifien gelockten.
Streck ihn aus
Streck aus deinen' heinen gelockten
Streck ihn aus
Streck aus deinen heiften gelockten schwanz
Mach es sehr schnell
Rein und raus
Magisches Schwein
Mach es sehr schnell
Rein und raus
Magisches Schwein
Bis es spritzt, spritzt, spritzt Feuer!
Bis es spritzt, spritzt, spritzt Feuer!
Aber beklecker nicht das Sofa, Sofa!
Aber beklecker nicht das Sofa, Sofa!
Aber beklecker nicht das Sofa, Sofa!
Aber beklecker nicht das Sofa, Sofa!

So you'd like to... kill a dude

First and foremost, you must find a good outfit to perform this task in. A more traditional choice would be this: 'Ninja Uniform Black', but many people these days prefer using something more simplistic, such as a simple ski mask ('Ski Masks / Eye Hole - Black').

The key to this business is to be in and out as fast as possible. Be professional and take no risks. This is the best way to live a long life, and make sure your target does not. Travel light, and once the job is done, make sure you are clean, but make your escape as quickly as possible. Have a pre-planned route for your exit, and follow it without at-the-moment changes. This way you know what to expect.

There are four major steps to taking out your target, each of them vital in their own way.

Click Here for the four major steps




This movie is going to be good - Eric

Pentagon invests in using robots to operate on wounded soldiers

The Pentagon is awarding $12 million in grants on Monday to develop an unmanned "trauma pod" designed to use robots to perform full scalpel-and-stitch surgeries on wounded soldiers in battlefield conditions.


I fucking LOVE robots! But with how often I see computers screw up, I am VERY wary of letting one operate on me with knives. I mean, I've SEEN 'Logan's Run'.... - Eric