Thursday, June 03, 2004


Some of you may have had the vague let-down of seeing Masamune Shirow's first Appleseed video from the 80s. It certainly didn't even try to live up to the AWESOME comic book. But this trailer for the 21st century remake of the appleseed manga looks to be well crafted and quite sweet. ( like ninjas ) Go check this out and share my enthusiasm for a classic, magnificent Manga from a great and influential artist.


This is a cool 58 MB video that is some kinda demo for a 3D animation company or something. It's pretty DAMN well done though and very entertaining. See the Martian Redneck glory of:


I think this is a Japanese / French movie. I'm not sure. I didnt bother to get any details. Download the trailer and be amazed at the visual coolness! I'm impressed.

Robot Cop

this is a cool little video for a robot policeman that may possible be inm the future of our own lifetimes. Who can say? What with three funtional anthropoorphic robot allready in production. All we lack is AI and then the lid is blown clean off!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

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Occupation: Unfashionable Ideas

Location: Austin, TX

Hobbies and Interests: Esoterica, Conspiracy theories, Anime, Console & PC gaming, software piracy, Cult religions, RPGs, Cthulhu, Slack

Favorite Music: Chemical Brothers, Devo, Shit from the 80's, Fatboy Slim, The Smiths, Dead can Dance, The Freestylers, The Residents, , Severed Heads, Cocteau Twins, Cibo Matto, etc. etc. etc.

Favorite Books: Book of the SubGenius, Principia Discordia, Nuclear Platypus Church of ArgleBargle Biscuit Bible, The Boomer Bible, The Necronomicon

Favorite TV Shows: Sealab 2021, The Ripping Friends, Cowboy Bebop, Network Television Licks Butt!!

Favorite Movies: Blade Runner, Bride with White Hair, Shaolin Soccer, Legend, Legend of Zu, Baraka

About Me: I am the Rev. Dr. Eric Z. Willman. Esotericist, Registered & Certified Parapsychologist, Doctor of Metaphysics (Universal Life Church) Discordian, SubGenius, Cthulhu Worshipper, Biscuitoid Mutant, and all around "more-fun to be with that an angry State-Trooper anyday!" kind of guy! With Buddha as my steering wheel and BoB as my spare tire, I can't go wrong as i follow the path of least resistance down the slack-filled lanes o' life. If i had $27.35 in Russian currency for each time somebody told me I was the 2nd or 3rd most fun guy to be around they knew, I would have 324,567,842 in Japanese Yen by now!

Who I Want to Meet: More people who find the idea of "monkey-punching Freemasons in Dealey Plaza while listening to Alex Jones' radio show" fun and socially beneficial for our nation and culture.

Endorsements of the Author

"...clearly intelligent, possibly insane, and definitely knows his stuff. He keeps up with things the way only an obsessive-compulsive could. Is he washing his hands this moment? Yes. Is he cataloging the crimes of various political figures he has targeted for grisly fates? Perhaps. Is he laughing maniacally at this moment? Probably. Where do his allegiances lie? What
secret societies is he a member of? Who does his hair? These are questions it is perhaps best not to ask."
-George Edward Purdy

"...All the talent of Marvel Comics, the vision of that Lewis Carroll fella... hamstrung by the drive of a South American tree sloth on qualudes. There are two things you can count on: 1> Eric will get to it when he's properly jazzed, & 2> he will make you laugh like Ruth Buzzy till you excrete your brain with the fury of a thousand novas. A day with Eric is like a day in Disneyland with a case of vodka and an electric fly swatter (110V 50amps), and a liscense to wield it with impunity! That boy's potato's been bakin' too long,, but DAMN, he can sure put the fun in funeral. Yes indeedy fiends & ninjas.. he's more entertaining than extinguishing a sack full of flaming nuns with a pinata stick!"
-Zoltan Laslo Mezaros

"...In real life, Eric is more like Truman Capote, with a little Charles Bukowski, and a little Hello Kitty. He's friendly and hilarious and when I first met Eric I'd heard some weird things about him and his friends and since they all had light eyes I thought they might be in some sort of cult. And then I found out the name of the cult and I think I became a member. When do I get my eyes gouged out? Cthulhu uhluhtC <-palendrome. No wait, take Tom Jones, a little less hair, Dolph Lundgren, and Ford Prefect ..."

"Holy Flash Gordon Bat-Man!. no wannabe here...this man is 100% who he the flesh. His beard ALONE is enough to make children run giddy with amusement and flip them selves on their heads like monks in one of his many kung fu flicks...all this in complete syncapation with the sounds of the infamous revolting circus seals, boxed up monkeys with a half drunk, dirty midget cranking broken music out of a weathered box, insane weasels in duct tape who hit wall in a non-descript fashion, and pugs dancing on thier front paws with fez hats on thier heads...that follow in his daily wake. Buddha be praised..."
-Chris Archer

About this BLOG

Atomic Monkey Apocalypse originally began as a livejournal back in 1999. It was then the Journal of Rev.Dr. Eric Z. Willman. It was devoted mostly to posting articles about the corruption of our government, political conspiracy theroies and rants about injustice and the rise of police state tyranny in the United States. However, people are scared, sad little animals and they don't want to be depressed by realities they feel they cannot rectify and have no power to stop. So the site was unpopular despite wide admission that it was informative, broad in scope and well constructed, and largely a true account of the state of affairs today. So eventually I abandoned the project.

People kept bringing it up from time to time. Reminding me of the "Interesting Topic Mailing List" that had originally spawned it. In which I emailed a group of over 100 people with something wierd or political or interesting or funny. Folks missed the emails. They also kinda missed the LiveJournal. Interspersed with dire political posts were wierd or funny or interesting posts of neat stuff to learn about or see on the Web. People wanted more of that stuff.

Thus was born the Atomic Monkey Apocalypse. A sad shadow of a once mighty LiveJournal of hard-hitting political revelations. However in itself a highly entertaining and widely palatable site providing the things people enjoy. Distractions from the awful truth of life. Enjoy my BLOG. It is made in the spirit of giving, with sincere hopes for the entertainment of all my friends, and friends and co-workers of my friends.

Sincerely, Rev. Dr. Eric Z. Willman,
Doctor of Metaphysics, Registered and certified Parapsychologist & Psychopomp of the First Esoteric Church of Cthulhu.

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