Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Review of The Venture Bros. Embroidered Patches Set Number 2

Originally submitted at Adult Swim Shop

Continue blanketing your life in obscure, visual references to geek culture by purchasing and immediately applying this second set of official, embroidered Venture Bros. Patches. Dipping even further into the show's universe of affiliations and organizations, this set offers you four new flavor...

Smaller than one would hope

By The Reverend from Austin, Texas on 11/16/2010


3out of 5

Pros: Durable, Fun, Entertaining


Best Uses: Skinny Girl's Jacket, Rockabilly Hat Frontpiece

Describe Yourself: Eccentric Iconoclast

Was this a gift?: No

They're great patches, with good designs, but they are only about 75% of the size they should be. If one is familiar with common military and corporate patches, these will disappoint with their meager size.