Monday, July 14, 2008

If I ever have a daughter...

I am going to name her Velouria. It's originally inspired by the Pixie's song; but also by Valoria, Titania and Gloriana who are, (in my own head,) the three apsects of the immortal faerie queen wife of Oberon the King of faeries. (this tri-dentity is of my own creation with no mythical basis, perhaps it's insprired by Michael Moorcock's eternal champion I guess, and his multiple aspects, I don't know)

Gloriana was the queen of one of Moorcock's wierd psuedo-romantic novels he wrote in the eighties. But I imagine her as a towering effulgent angel-like, painfully beautiful wamon. Titania was made famous by Shakespear in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Valoria is an aspect that seemed logical to me as a representation of feminie valor in adversity.

As for Velouria I like it's reference to the cheap, glitter-rock fabric velour, which is just fake velvet. It suggests a kind of "Velvet Goldmine" rhinestone fabulosity in my mind that I like the spirit of. Especially for any daughter of mine.