Thursday, December 03, 2009

8 great clothing items

8 great clothing items
1. Skimp : Sort of hat that you wear without any other clothes. Like a bikini but disguises your ugly face.
2. Fully : Wrist device that conveys your belief in "the now of wrists".
3. Messadage : An amazing cross between camping equipment and clothes! A pair of trousers...with a stove!
4. Wampum : All the fun of the fair in a towel that you wear all day!
5. Coalhouse : Flirty tops are out! Wear this lump of plastic!
6. Stylio : It's Spanish! It's made out of the corpses of bulls! "Stylio" indeed.
7. Carnarf : Talk to your friends and they will all tell you about how they "know people who talk with god". Here’s how!
8. Felchering : A sort of special funnel you attach to a gusset. Comes in male and female versions.