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Children, excerpted commentary by Rev. Dr. Eric Willman

"...children are proto-humans with only a loose grasp of the concept of right and wrong..."

"...children exist in a world that is a constant struggle for "what I want" with no other responsibilities to distract them from this single minded pursuit, much to the detriment of the adults around them who must abide by a considerably more complicated set of rules..."

"...children have almost no sense of decorum and feel no cumpunction against behaving poorly in a solemn social situation if it conflicts with their pursuit of "what i want"..."

"...children have no opinion that matters. EVER. their opinions while occasionally clever, and sometimes accidentally witty are most-often only accidentally humorous due to the extreme ignorance or naivete of the absurd thing they have said..."

"...the purpose of children is to become adult, and therefore, fully human. Anythign else they are doing is irrelevant. Do not lose sight of this crucial fact as a parent or you fall into the trap of actually paying attention to some asinine thing they are saying or worse yet, doing. Which distracts you from your purpose of being a human, that is to say, a mature adult human, reacting and acting in the world as the result of intelligent, conscious choices and decisions..."

" 'THE ADULT WORLD' -Where accountability is KING!" by Rev. Dr. Eric Z. Willman available in fine book stores near you

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Who Was John Keely?

Who was John W. Keely?

John Keely was an independent researcher specializing in the properties of sound during the mid to late 1800's.

What did Keely discover?

He was purported to have discovered techniques based on incredibly sensitive vibratory mechanisms which would allow the use of the Aether for practical purposes.

What devices did he build?

1) a machine to split the water molecule for the instantaneous release of tremendous pressures

2) an engine which was reportedly driven by the flow of Aether into its components

3) designed and built a mineral disintegrator

4) an acoustic microscope capable of viewing into the molecular and atomic interstices of matter

5) a globe which could be made to rotate with no outside source of power as a demonstration of the Aetheric flows into matter

6) a belt device which enabled the operator to induce levitation or gravity in a test mass


Grindell-Matthews & His Death Ray

By any standard Harry Grindell-Matthews was all that an eccentric scientist should be. Working in a remote laboratory in the Welsh mountains he claimed to have invented, among other things, an electronic beam which earned him the nickname 'Death Ray'.

Born in 1880, Grindell-Matthews was educated at Bristol Merchant Venturers' College (England) and at nineteen volunteered for the Boer War, in which he was twice wounded. Trained as a research scientist, specialising in electricity, he was intrigued by the possibilities of radio telephony, then in its infancy, and as early as 1911, from Ely racecourse, Cardiff, he succeeded in conversing with the airman B C Hucks in a plane two miles away and travelling at 600 mph.

Read on to discover the tale of Grindell-Matthews & His Death Ray

The Flying Ship of 1709

In issue number 56 of the Evening Post published in the reign of Queen Anne and dated 20-22nd December 1709, we find a curious description of a Flying Ship, stated to have "lately been invented by a Brazilian priest". It was brought to the notice of the King of Portugal in a lengthy address which had been translated from the Portuguese into English, and published in its entirety in the Evening Post.
Here are the opening remarks:-

'Father Batholomew says he has found out an invention, by the Help of which one may more speedily travel through the Air than any other Way either by Sea or Land, so that one may go 200 Miles in 24 hours . . . . . '

Some people are in DIRE need of source authentication and verification information. Click here for the rest

Pure & Applied Research into Anti-Gravity of the 1950s

Scientists today regard the earth as a giant magnet. Many in America's aircraft & electronics industries are excited over the possibility of using its magnetic and gravitational fields as a medium of support for amazing 'flying vehicles' which will not depend on the air for lift. Space ships capable of accelerating in a few seconds to speeds many thousand of miles an hour and making sudden changes of course at these speeds without subjecting their passengers to the so-called 'G-forces' caused by gravity's pull also are envisioned. These concepts are part of a new program to solve the secret of gravity and universal gravitation already in progress in many top scientific laboratories and long-established industrial firms of the nation.

A fascinating article

Nikola Tesla's EM Field Lift Experiments

Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating current motors, did the basic research for constructing electromagnetic field lift-and-drive aircraft/space craft. From 1891 to 1893, he gave a set of lectures and demonstrations to groups of electrical engineers.

The hull is best made double, of thin, machinable, slightly flexible ceramic. This becomes a good electrical insulator, has no fire danger, resists any damaging effects of severe heat and cold, and has the hardness of armor, besides being easy for magnetic fields to pass through.

The inner hull is covered on it's outside by wedge shaped thin metal sheets of copper or aluminum, bonded to the ceramic. Each sheet is 3 to 4 feet wide at the horizontal rim of the hull and tapers to a few inches wide at the top of the hull for the top set of metal sheets, or at the bottom for the bottom set of sheets. Each sheet is separated on either side from the next sheet by 1 or 2 inches of uncovered ceramic hull. The top set of sheets and bottom set of sheets are separated by about 6 inches of uncovered ceramic hull around the horizontal rim of the hull.

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The Hallucinatory Effects on Humans of Radio Waves

The Hallucinatory Effects on Humans of Radio Waves
An Italian university professor named Cazzamalli placed human subjects in a shielded room, subjected them to high-frequency radio waves, and claimed to be able to record a "beat" which he received on a simple untuned receiver consisting of a galena crystal, a small capacitor, antenna and sensitive galvanometer. Cazzamalli's experiments took place more than 75 years ago and he did publish early articles on this phenomenon.

The one item which he never mentioned, perhaps because he could not accurately determine it, is the power of his transmitter. He published oscillograms prportedly showing variations of the "beats" when his subjects were emotionally aroused or engaged in creative efforts. Later experiments delivered much more startling results: he found that some of his subjects would hallucinate under the influence of high-frequency radio waves, which by then ranged all the way up to 300 Mhz.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Cazzamalli's experiments were carefully duplicated with modern equipment, of much greater sensitivity than his. His "oscillatori telegrafica" (presumably a transmitter as used for wireless telegraphy) was replaced with a very modest low-power oscillator. The reason for this was twofold. In the first place, university authorities take a very dim view of experiments on human beings, even if these subjects are the scientists themselves, volunteering for the part. Second, a previous experiment had indicated in a rather startling way that power was not required to evoke effects in the human nervous system. In fact, there seemed to be some sort of resonant frequency applicable to each individual human.

Bizarre and Provacative!

The Unknown Manuscript of Nikola Tesla

This manuscript has been loaned to me by my acquaintance. During his stay in the USA he bought an old fire-helmet, which was on sale in the streets of New York. There was an old writing book inside this helmet, apparently used as a lining. The writing book had thin and partially burned covers producing the smell of mould. All its yellowing sheets were full of notes written in ink faded under the influence of time. In parts the ink has lost its color to such a degree that some of the letters can only be guessed at on the yellowed paper. In other places, large parts of the text have been completely spoiled by water, having been transformed into white ink stains. In addition, all the sheets have been burned on the edges and as a result some words are irretrievably lost.
Right after it was translated I understood that it belonged to famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, who lived and worked in the USA. There has been a lot of work done to put the translated text into final form.

Part 1. You are wrong, Mr. Einstein – ether does exist!
They say much about the Einstein’s theory now. According to Einstein the ether does not exist and many people agree with him. But it is a mistake in my opinion. Ether’s opponents refer to the experiments of Maykelson – Morli who made attempts to detect the Earth’s movement relative to the fixed-bed ether. These experiments failed, however it didn’t mean the ether’s non-existence. I always based as fact the existence of mechanical ether in my works and therefore I could achieve positive success.

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The Tesla Howitzer

Before the turn of the century, Nikola Tesla had discovered and was utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated his waves were non-Hertzian, and his wireless transmissions did not fall off as the square of the distance.

His discovery was apparently so fundamental (and his intent to provide free energy to all humankind was so clear) that it was responsible for the withdrawal of his financial backing, his deliberate isolation, and the gradual removal of his name from the history books.

By 1914 or so, Tesla had been successfully isolated and was already nearly a "nonperson." Thereafter Tesla lived in nearly total seclusion, occasionally surfacing (at his annual birthday party for members of the press) to announce the discovery of an enormous new source of free energy, the perfection of wireless transmission of energy without losses, fireball weapons to destroy whole armies and thousands of airplanes at hundreds of miles distance, and a weapon (the "Tesla Shield," I've dubbed it) that could provide an impenetrable defense and thus render war obsolete.


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Time Gate in Antarctica

Eight years ago, American and British scientists who conducted investigations in Antarctica made a sensational discovery. US physicist Mariann McLein told of how researchers noticed some spinning gray fog in the sky over the pole on January 27 which they believed to be just an ordinary sandstorm. However, the gray fog did not change in form and did not move in the course of time. The researchers decided to investigate the phenomenon and launched a weather balloon with equipment capable of registering the wind speed, the temperature and the air moisture. But the weather balloon soared upwards and immediately disappeared.

In a little while, the researchers brought the weather balloon back to the ground with the help of a rope attached to it earlier. They were extremely surprised to see that a chronometer set in the weather balloon displayed the date of January 27, 1965, the same day 30 years ago. The experiment was repeated several times after the researchers found out the equipment was in good repair. But each time the watch was back it displayed the past time. The phenomenon was called "the time gate" and was reported to the White House.

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The REAL X-Men

They have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men or women. But unlike the characters of the comic book, these extraordinary people were quite real.

The movie version of X-Men was the hottest film in the theaters when it was released. Based on the enormously popular comic book, X-Men features a collection of human mutants - both good and evil - who were born with extraordinary and sometimes bizarre powers. With such names as Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Magneto and Mystique, they bound around making blades spring from their knuckles, conjuring hurricanes from the sky or manipulating their environment through telekinesis. These characters, creations of legendary comic book author and illustrator Stan Lee, live only in the imagination, on paper and now on film.

Would you believe there are real X-Men? They may not be genetic mutants, in the strictest sense, and they may not be able to threaten or save the world with their strange and fantastic powers of the body and mind, but they are extraordinary... not at all like you and me. Here's our own gallery of real-life super-powered characters.

Lightning Man - When storm clouds gather, courageous Lightning Man stands in defiance of nature to draw deadly bolts of electricity from the heavens.
BeastMaster - With just the power of his mind, he can command animals to do his bidding.
The Electromagneto Team - Charged like superconducting human batteries, they  roam the countryside thrilling all they meet with the electrifying power at their fingertips.
The Amazing Kinetitron - With her thoughts alone, a steely glance or a subtle gesture, she can  move inanimate objects at will.
Pyro-Elasto Man - Watch him stretch his body to incredible lengths and handle red-hot flaming embers in his bare hands. 
The Incredible X-Ray - There's no hiding evil deeds from the Incredible X-Ray whose penetrating X-ray vision sees all.
Microscopo and Telescopique - Like super-powerd human scientific instruments, these heroes use their fantastic vision to see microscopic details or great distances.
Medictron, the Healer - With the unknown force emanating from his miraculous hands, Medictron has the power to heal all forms of injuries and maladies.


Anti-Gravity Vehicle

Inventor: Thomas Townsend Brown
The Invention: Anti-gravitic devices
Claimed Effects: Nothing less than anti-gravity which he demonstrated in flying saucers.
Details: Brown designed and flew strange metal saucer-like discs for more than 40 years, claims this site. And although Brown died only in 1987, there don't seem to be any photographs, film or video of any of his vehicles in flight. According to witnesses, however, Brown flew the thin discs while they were tethered to a pole, flying around and around with no apparent means of motive force. Brown said they were powered by a strange electrical phenomenon he called "the Biefeld-Brown effect." How did it work? A website titled simply Thomas Townsend Brown says, "The Biefeld-Brown Effect says an electrical condenser, when charged, will move toward its positive pole and remain so positioned until discharged, if free to do so, regardless of which pole or which side of the dielectric is made positive. The reaction is a finite but vanishingly small movement of all the other matter in the Universe. But the nearest masses are affected first and most!" Wouldn't we all like to see it really work?
More Information:
Thomas Townsend Brown

Fuelless Generator

Inventor: Nikola Tesla
The Invention: Tesla's Fuelless Generator
Claimed Effects: An electrical generator that would not consume any fuel.
Details: An entire article on weird and unconventional inventions could be devoted to Telsa's work, but one of this most controversial inventions is this generator that, if it worked as he described, would provide unlimited amounts of free energy. It was 10 years after he patented a method for producing alternating current - the type of electric current we all enjoy today - that Tesla claimed to have devised an electrical generator that did not "consume any fuel." In 1931, Tesla told The Brooklyn Eagle, "I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. More than 25 years ago I began my efforts to harness the cosmic rays and I can now state that I have succeeded." Although Telsa filed a patent for a device he called "Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy," (number 685,957), it's doubtful that it was ever built or proved to actually work... otherwise, we wouldn't be paying any electric bills.

Orgone Energy Accumulator

Inventor: Wilhelm Reich
The Invention: The Orgone Energy Accumulator
Claimed Effects: Collects orgone - a kind of free energy - to use as a power source.
Details: Taking off from an age-old belief in the "aether" - an invisible energy source that surrounds us - Dr. Wilhelm Reich called this energy source orgone. "In 1939," according to Orgone Energy: A Power Alternative, "Reich was working with ‘bions' and accidentally discovered that some of the bions emitted an energy that did not obey the laws of any known form of energy." A bion, they say, is an energy vesicle, that is transitional in form between non-living and living matter. Reich then created a device consisting of alternating spaces of metallic and organic substances that he claimed could collect orgone energy. Those who have continued the research of Reich, who died in 1957, say that the energy accumulation is measurable, but they are still struggling with a way to turn this "free energy" into mechanical energy or motor force. The existence of orgone is, of course, disputed by conventional science. But if you'd like to experiment with it yourself, some of the sites listed below describe how to build your own orgone energy accumulator.
More Information:
Introduction to Orgonomy and Reich
Orgone Energy Accumulators

The Energy Machine

Inventor: Joseph Newman
The Invention: The Newman Motor/Generator.
Claimed Effects: Device has potential to produce virtually unlimited energy.
Details: Developed over 30 years, Newman's machine allegedly produces more energy than is input into it, something that the accepted laws of physics says is impossible. Newman says the principles of his invention could be applied to automobiles, appliances, farm equipment, ships and aircraft.  If Newman's machine worked as he describes, what would it mean? An energy source that is abundant, inexpensive and environmentally safe - almost like magic. Despite his claims, however, Newman has yet to produce a device that has any practical application of the principles he claims to have discovered. He always seems to be looking for financing, and his current idea to do so is to auction off models of his motor/generator. Not surprisingly, Newman is not without his critics. At a site called Joe Newman's Free Energy Claims - are they valid?, Newman is called "dishonorable, incompetent or just plain nuts." According to this site, in a test performed by the National Bureau of Standards, Newman's machine only returned one-third to two-thirds the energy put into it.

Newman's own site
Joe Newman's Free Energy Claims - are they valid?

The Hutchison Effect

Inventor: John Hutchison
The Invention: No formal name for machine.
Claimed Effects: Levitation of heavy, non-magnetic objects.
Details: In 1979, John Hutchison of Vancouver, Canada, accidentally discovered a remarkable phenomenon while experimenting with longitudinal waves - waves that another inventor, Nikola Tesla, had experimented with. According to The Hutchison Effect - An Explanation, what has become known as the Hutchison Effect occurs as the result of very powerful radio wave interferences. Heavy objects - even non-magnetic, non-metal objects - levitate or fly into the air. Objects of metal, porcelain, wood and rubber are affected. Hard alloy metals become soft and pliable. Hutchison even performed his experiments for scientists from Los Alamos Laboratory. The effect has been videotaped many times and even broadcast on network television. A complete understanding of the phenomenon has yet to be found, but the implications of its potential seem mind-boggling. 

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John Keely's Floating Mini-Solar System

Keely had the honor of exhibiting his Musical Globe at the World's Fair in the late 1880's. The Musical Globe was a spherical device which had one side painted white and the other painted black. When properly tuned, it could be excited by the simple act of playing a harmonica. This would cause the Globe to slowly spin under its own power which was derived from an arrangement of vibrating components within the sphere.

John Jacob Astor and his entourage were visiting the various exhibits and had seen little of novelty or interest. However, they did find Keely's exhibit intriguing. Keely immediately recognized who Mr. Astor was (and the extent of his fortune) and spoke with him in private. Keely told Mr. Astor that the "good stuff" was in his laboratory and he would be only too happy to demonstrate a fascinating experiment if Mr. Astor could manage to visit the lab. Being bored with the rest of the fair, Mr. Astor decided to take Keely up on the offer and went to the lab.

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Lime Cat

Anomalous Transparency: The Faile Effect

Dr. S.P. Faile doesn't believe he can make himself invisible, but he does think things around his laboratory sometimes inexplicably become partially transparent. In a curious article titled "Observations of Anomalous Transparency: The Faile Effect," author Nicholas Reiter writes about the weird observations Dr. Faile began making around his home in 1997 and 1998.

The Faile Effect

The Invisible Man

Human invisibility is a fun idea, one that has been the subject of several sci-fi books and movies, including H.G. Wells' classic The Invisible Man and the more recent Hollow Man. Has some obscure scientific genius actually achieved it?

In both London and NY, attempts have been made, as in the 30's, to produce invisibility by warping light rays in an electromagnetic field.

In 1934 in London, there was demonstrated in a public hall apparatus which was perhaps suggested by the fantasy of the late H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man."

A young scientist wearing what he called an Electro-Helmet and a special Mantle went into a cabinet open at the front before a brilliantly lit stage and with both hands touched contact gloves which were over his head.

An electric current was switched on and the man's body gradually vanished from feet to head!

One could step up and touch him but could not see him.


Impossible Science

From human invisibility to amazing demonstrations of levitation, these strange devices, weird experiments and impossible observations - if true - challenge conventional scientific knowledge

Electrodes flash and spark, illuminating the dimly lit laboratory. Vials of eerie glowing liquid bubble and spit. The scientist, with a mad glare in his eyes, closely watches the progress of his secret experiment. Something weird is happening in this dark, cold basement - something the scientist hopes will finally prove what the rest of the scientific world said was impossible.

We've all enjoyed the image of the mad scientist in the movies as he toiled away in his creepy lab, working on the very edge of scientific knowledge. There really have been such independent scientists, of course. And although they might not quite be mad, their pursuits have been unconventional. Perhaps impossible.

Here are a few intriguing tales of "mad scientists" and their wild inventions. They may be true, exaggerated, hearsay, legends or outright hoaxes - we may never know for certain. But the possibility that they are real is irresistible.

Impossible Science

The Secrets of Coral Castle

Did a Latvian immigrant rediscover the secrets to the building of the pyramids... of levitation... of anti-gravity? His amazing "castle" may hold clues to long-lost powers.

Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, is one of the most amazing structures ever built. In terms of accomplishment, it’s been compared to Stonehenge, ancient Greek temples, and even the great pyramids of Egypt. It is amazing – some even say miraculous – because it was quarried, fashioned, transported, and constructed by one man: Edward Leedskalnin, a 5-ft. tall, 100-lb. Latvian immigrant.


The Ancient Secrets of Levitation 

Great stone structures and megaliths around the world stand as mysteries to how they were constructed. Is it possible their builders possessed the powers of defying gravity?

Did ancient civilizations possess knowledge that has since been lost to science? Were amazing technologies available to the ancient Egyptians that enabled them to construct the pyramids - technologies that have somehow been forgotten?


The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

Over the last few hundred years, many perplexing artifacts have been unearthed that do not fit the currently excepted theories of geology and the history of man.
The Bible tells us that God created Adam and Eve just a few thousand years ago, by some fundamentalist interpretations. Science informs us that this is mere fiction and that man is a few million years old, and that civilization just tens of thousands of years old. Could it be, however, that conventional science is just as mistaken as the Bible stories? There is a great deal of archeological evidence that the history of life on earth might be far different than what current geological and anthropological texts tell us. Consider these astonishing finds:

The Grooved Spheres
The Dropa Stones
The Ica Stones
The Antikythera Mechanism
The Baghdad Battery
The Coso Artifact
Ancient Model Aircraft
Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica
Impossible Fossils
Out-of-Place Metal Objects

In any case, these examples - and there are many more - should prompt any curious and open-minded scientist to reexamine and rethink the true history of life on earth. 


Jesus is Fucking METAL!