Wednesday, October 07, 2009

8 facts about planes

8 facts about planes
1. A plane is a broad area of land that can fly through the air with the greatest of ease.
2. Many mammals such as buffalo graze on the plane. They sit in their seats and watch the movie then they hunker down and chew on the grass.
3. Broad monsters with snarls made of teeth stalk the aisles of the plane looking for gazelles and stuff to eat. They usually settle for the vodka and chopsticks
4. Babies cry on planes because of the air pressure. They're not unhappy or anything.
5. The pilot of the plane (technically called "Andrew") sings a little song to himself. It keeps its mind occupied.
6. Over there are the drinks. Here are the shrinks. Then you'll see the sphinx.
7. You can walk all the way across a plane without seeing another human being but beware the alarming crosswinds.
8. Towels should be available to anyone who washes in a watering hole.