Saturday, January 09, 2010

8 facts about the geese that invade Poland

8 facts about the geese that invade Poland
1. They come every year around noon.
2. They march. Not quack.
3. If you hold a goose up to the light it's feathery majesty will be exposed to you.
4. They are intent on the land.
5. No one even suspects their true motivation. Slithering.
6. while in poland the geese make use of the surrounding facilities. If you know what I "mean".
7. They are special geese. So special that they can walk on 2 legs like humans!
8. they may be smart but they're not so smart that they figure everything out.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

8 facts about running a brothel

8 facts about running a brothel
1. You have to keep a large supply of pigs. Never run out.
2. Your girls should have breasts. Two each is preferable.
3. The dandelions on your back will never grow if you don't stop rubbing them with fly corpses.
4. Make sure you know who strips bark.
5. Tie a load of tripe to a tree. It will ensure your prosperous continuation by exuding pheromones.
6. The best Police officers have shinny truncheons. They only bat the furniture though!
7. Taken aside by you. Then taken on down.
8. Make people do what you want by employing a large force of security guards but make sure that no one notices by keeping them in a big pot in the kitchen.