Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Chernobyl turned sweetcorn into M&Ms

Slovakian farmers are blaming nuclear fallout from Chernobyl for turning their sweetcorn into "M&Ms". Monika and Stefan Regec, from Gana, near Galanta, say their sweetcorn tastes of chocolate and has turned multi-coloured.

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I LOVE MUTATION! - Dr. Willman

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Magazine offers jungle holiday - with cannibals

A magazine is offering readers the chance to win a holiday with a tribe of cannibals in Papua New Guinea. The winner of the Zoo Weekly competition will travel to the Baliem Valley to live with cannibals for two weeks. Zoo Weekly is now paying someone to go to Papua New Guinea. They have no maps or phones and the winner will be completely at the mercy of the tribesmen. Mr Barker, who was first introduced to cannibal tribes nearly 25 years ago, said: "They all have amazing piercings, tusks in their noses and often wear nothing but long penis gourds." But he is assuring the winner that nothing bad would happen to them.

At first I thought it said Cannabis! Sily me. This is even BETTER! Rest assured that nothing "bad" will happen to you. Hee hee...Oh... - Eric

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And on a related note, check out THIS story:

Man wants to live with cannibals

A Devon man is looking for a partner to join him in living with cannibal tribes in Papua New Guinea. Reg Barker's wife Genni refused to join him and their two daughters Agatha, five, and Tallulah, two. Mr Barker plans to track down the cannibals and offer them tobacco and beads. In return he hopes they will let him and his new pal stay in their tree houses. "I'm sure they'll be welcoming. These people live like they did in the Stone Age. When they eat people, it's more like a vendetta between tribes - like rival football teams."

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Artist paints politician with his own blood - 56 times

A painter in India has painted 56 portraits of a leading Indian politician with his own blood. Shihan Hussaini, painted the portraits of Jayalalithaa, chief minister of India's southern Tamil Nadu state.

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Now I know what I must do. Any artists out there, please post a reply to this when you are ready to start paining pictures of me...with your own blood! - Rev. Dr. Willman

Surfer completes 10,407 days on the waves

A man who vowed to surf off the Californian coast every day for 28 years, has finished 10,407 days later.

Dale Webster vowed on Leap Day, February 29, 1976, that he'd surf every day until Leap Day fell again on the fifth Sunday of February.

That meant 28 years of daily surfing until last Sunday - February 29.

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This man is my 'short duration personal savior' for today. You gott have GOALS people! A MISSION!! I love this guy. - Dr. Willman

Homeless student lived in library for seven months

A homeless New York student says he slept for seven months in a university library without being caught.

Steve Stanzak, 20, says he set up home in New York University's main library because he couldn't afford housing costs on top of his tuition.

This makes me think of these lines from a song in the South Park movie:
"You don't have to spend your life addicted to smack
Homeless on the streets giving handjobs for crack
Follow my plan, and very soon you will say..
It's easy, m'kay!
Now you know what plan you have to follow. - Dr. E. Z. Willman

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Couples line up to touch statue's nipples

Colombian couples are queuing to touch the nipples of a statue in the hope it will help their relationships. The sculpture, in the city of Cartagena, is of a curvaceous woman who locals have named Getrudis. They believe that Getrudis will bless them with long and happy relationships if they touch her nipples.

And I believe it too. I mean SURE, why not for christs sake?! Nipples are great. - Eric

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Holy Indian man needs electricity

holy man in northern India says he has to touch live electricity wires every day for a 'kick'.

Sadhu Mangal Das alias 'Current Baba', touches a naked wire at least three times every day to become 'intoxicated'.

It's reported he brushed against a live wire sometime ago and found the sensation to be so good he can no longer do without his daily dose.

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Striking a blow against the credibility of Hinduism. Thanks Swami, you frickin' jackass! I'm not even Hindu and that pisses me off. - Rev. Willman

Judge caught urinating on wall

A judge in Bangladesh has been caught urinating on the wall of an ambassador's residence in Dhaka.

Police caught the man in the act in the suburb of Gulshan and detained him for "a few hours", reports the local Daily Star.

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This is why they're the THIRD WORLD and we're not. Sometimes I feel, much like the English do I'm sure, that the most exasperating problem with the rest of humanity is that they have no fucking sense of decorum. - Rev. Dr. Willman

Man wants compensation for gay pig

A Bulgarian farmer has gone to court to demand substantial damages after claiming the prize-winning pedigree pig he bought from a breeder was a homosexual.

Farmer Galen Dobrev, 43, from Shumen in Bulgaria told the court: "It's a disgrace, all he was interested in was other male pigs."

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Him and several other people I know - Dr. Willman

Woman breastfeeds puppy

A New Zealand woman is breastfeeding her Staffordshire bull terrier puppy because she wants it to protect her baby daughter. Kura Tumanako, of Hastings, started breastfeeding the pup after her own baby stopped taking her milk, reports the New Zealand Herald.

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That bitch is gonna POISON that dog - Eric

Legalised divorce causes chaos in Chile

Millions of divorce proceedings are expected to be launched in Chile after the country finally made it legal. Experts fear the country's legal system could collapse due to the huge demand. Thousands of demands for divorce were issued within the first few hours of the new law being introduced.

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Which just goes to prove how STUPID it is to NOT have legal divorce. OBVIOUSLY is was much needed. - Rev. Willman

Mayor: 'Stop pestering me for sex'

A mayor who set up a direct hotline for people to call with civic problems is asking bored housewives to stop inviting him round for sex.

I'm giving the Mayor Scott's number - Eric

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Fruity sweet wrappers spark complaint

Students at a Catholic school complained about new Haribo sweet wrappers which they claim portray fruit having sex.

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PS - what a bunch of Catholic assholes! - Rev. Willman

Man changes name to Bubba Bubba Bubba

An Illinois man has changed his name from Raymond Allen Gray Jr to Bubba Bubba Bubba. He said he got the idea of changing his name in full from banter at work. A female colleague referred to him as Bubba, Bubba, Bubba and another colleague believed that was his real name.

Im sorry but ...there's more.

This is what makes the us a pitiable race. Humankind I mean. White folks especially. This makes me a sad, Sexual Harrassment Panda. - Eric